Month: August 2014

Move the Blog?

Hey guys and gals! Thank you for all the birthday wishes last Saturday I had a blast!

I’m wondering if I should move my blog from to my website. Do not worry, the website is hosted by WordPress so you will not need an additional login to comment on or read content. I want to move it over primarily because I like having one less account to update, and in all honestly my main site should probably be where the most activity is outside of deviantArt and such. What do you think? Check out the differences in display and color and let me know. I’m counting on your opinion!

In the mean time I have started hosting livestreams again! You can either follow this link or go to the Links tab above to access the page. Livestream does not require a login to participate in the stream and I usually leave the audio on so we can listen to music and I can respond to your chat messages. If you really want to log in to chat you can always ping in with Facebook.

Speaking of streaming, I will be taking livestream commissions when I stream – these are commissions that I will draw for you during the stream! Streaming commissions are on a first come first serve basis and I start the commission after you have deposited the appropriate funds in Paypal. For this commissions I will do sketch lines with either monochrome blocking or flat colors. I will also do chibis. Here is an example of what full body stream commissions will look like (¾ busts and chibi examples will be up soon):

You are most welcome to come by and join me, my watchers have great fun!

Next week’s post will probably be something related to horses – no promises though! I hope you are doing something fun with your weekend otherwise and I wish you great resolve and will for moving towards your goals~


About Commissioning my Artwork

I do take commissions for artwork and I love doing illustrations in particular. Here is a piece I completed recently for a commission:

Tristan and Elysia  Reshare on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter
Tristan and Elysia
Reshare on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter

I am experienced in a variety of subjects and have several different options to choose from in pay rates. I have also illustrated two children’s books and am preparing to complete art for a continual runner game. Below is a reference sheet for my commission prices. Each rate incorporates one character commission and any additional characters are a compiled price. Currently I am holding a special, limited discount: your second character is half off! If you are interested I am more than happy to work with you or give you a quote before payment. Let me know in the comments below or fill out this contact me sheet on my main site. You can also contact me through deviantArt or send me a note on Facebook.

Commission Price Guide

Art is my passion and I hope to find a way to make it my way of making a living. All dreams start with the first step and I always want to keep moving forward.

As always it helps me immensely to receive feedback from my audience so any questions, comments, or constructive criticism are most welcome!

I hope everyone is having a great week, and has some fun plans for the weekend, whether it is to finally take a break and curl up with a good book, or go out on the town with friends~

Explore New Things

Being creative for me goes hand in hand with being curious, exploring, and being active in the things I like doing. Discovering new things and taking active steps forward towards what I want to do and be involved in feels like unfurling wings and freewheeling and an entirely new current.

“Creativity” by Zyari

However, taking steps forward with my art and writing can be scary and exhilarating at the same time. Sometimes I am nervous to make a move, like putting together a commission price guide, or branching out into a different area of my art to expand and develop skills. I will worry about the prices not reflecting the quality of my work or the new piece of work turning out to be a total mess. On that note, I’ve made a gif to illustrate my own concept of taking a leap.


How do I do it? By looking at the gap as a fluid expanse of space. Birds do not fly linearly but run around in a three dimensional area. While most humans are used to moving linearly if you’ve ever swam around underwater you have experienced what I am trying to explain. Or try this one: typically people think on an xy axis but we are also aware that there is a z axis. Beyond the xyz axis you get into bonus dimensions and that’s for a different post entirely.

So until next week, there are a pair of old OCs. The bunny is “Creepy Bunny” created by my cousin Anita Warren and the kitty is Io aka “Panty Thief” who has a strange obsession with panties – clean ones mind you. It started out as part of a humor factor and the we started making comics. If I ever finish the comics I shall post them and notify you~

Flying Panties

Want to re-share these pictures on other sites? Try out these links~

Leaping:  Tumblr, TwitterdeviantArt, FurAffinity, Facebook

Flying Panties: Tumblr, Twitter, deviantArt, FurAffinity, Facebook

Artist Highlight: Shannon Hogan (Khezix)

Today I want to bring your attention to a wonderful artist who I am privileged to be acquainted with. She is constantly growing and learning but has a great understanding of anatomy, composition, color theory, as well as her own flare and style. Below is an introduction to her art and the results of the interview we conducted earlier this week.

Quiet Place

Shannon pursues art as a hobby. She has been drawing since she could pick up a crayon and has progressed through using colored pencils, watercolor, watercolor pencils, charcoal, pastels, and more! Digital art and watercolors are her favorite and most common mediums. For digital art she uses Painter 12 and Photoshop CS6. Recently she has enjoyed using Copic Sketch Markers which she sometimes mixes with watercolors.

Altitude (bookmark)
Altitude (bookmark)

Original characters are Shannon’s favorite works to develop, whether the characters are her own or commissions and trades with others. She also loves working on urban scenery and I see a lot of nature development in her work. Although she admits that she experiences difficulty with architecture, perspective, and military themes, she uses a wealth of photo references to develop her skill further. Many of these reference photos come from Wikipedia and Shannon sometimes combines them to develop an entirely new picture to reference.


“I eyeball the [reference] photos and draw what I see. I draw it over and over, then start drawing from my imagination, using reference photos just as a guide…”

If Shannon wants to draw something at an odd angle, a handgun for example, she uses a 3D modeler and manipulates the image.

Under Grey Skies
Under Grey Skies

Shannon takes inspiration from everything around her. The inkling of a story or illustration idea can come from random conversation, movies, history, other artists, etc.

Rush Delivery
Rush Delivery

At first Shannon wanted to pursue producing artwork as her career but as she started researching the requirements to become a professional artist she decided the process was not for her. Instead, she is studying for an Associates Degree in Science, which she hopes will one day become a Masters in Science. At the moment she concentrates on molecular biology but eventually wanted to become more involved in genetics and work in a private sector job. I believe art will continue to be a favorite hobby of hers so keep an eye out for her work!

Thank You For Your Participation
Thank You For Your Participation

To new artists or artists looking to develop their skills Shannon leaves this advice:

“Keep on drawing. Draw what you love. Try new things. Artists should never be afraid to draw the things they like…never be afraid of judgement, and only draw things you want to draw, not what you think you should want to draw.”


check out her gallery at Khezix@Fur Affinity

Know an artist you think should get a feature? Drop a comment with a link below!


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