About Commissioning my Artwork

I do take commissions for artwork and I love doing illustrations in particular. Here is a piece I completed recently for a commission:

Tristan and Elysia  Reshare on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter
Tristan and Elysia
Reshare on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter

I am experienced in a variety of subjects and have several different options to choose from in pay rates. I have also illustrated two children’s books and am preparing to complete art for a continual runner game. Below is a reference sheet for my commission prices. Each rate incorporates one character commission and any additional characters are a compiled price. Currently I am holding a special, limited discount: your second character is half off! If you are interested I am more than happy to work with you or give you a quote before payment. Let me know in the comments below or fill out this contact me sheet on my main site. You can also contact me through deviantArt or send me a note on Facebook.

Commission Price Guide

Art is my passion and I hope to find a way to make it my way of making a living. All dreams start with the first step and I always want to keep moving forward.

As always it helps me immensely to receive feedback from my audience so any questions, comments, or constructive criticism are most welcome!

I hope everyone is having a great week, and has some fun plans for the weekend, whether it is to finally take a break and curl up with a good book, or go out on the town with friends~


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