Those Who Make It So

There is a saying: Actions speak louder than words. I believe this to be true. We can sit and think positive thoughts all we like but I have never experienced anything happen until I start moving and doing. The more positively I interact with the world around me the more goodness I witness come actively into my life. Kindness and positivity does not always need a reason. Most of the time I like to do it just because, especially if it makes me feel good on the inside doing it. For example: pulling over on my drive to work to carry a turtle safely across the road. Sure, other drivers were slowing down or veering around the reptile but s/he was a long way from the destination and traffic was about to pick up.

I discovered this video a while ago and every time I see it I tear up. Whoever has cut this video together must not only have been highly skilled but also must have felt strongly on the matter. I believe that great work comes about not only because of the skill set, but because of the belief in the messages behind the piece.


Kindness, compassion and positivity is authored by those who take the time to make it so. For that reason I will stop to carry turtles to safety.

Speak up.


The light is in you~


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