Sketching and Learning Languages

Happy Saturday guys and gals!

Today’s update is just a quick one for you. My current projects are as follows:

Sketch Dump 3

Left to right, top to bottom we have my OC Jorra from a Star Wars themed D&D I used to play. It was so much fun! The next two sketches are prize art sketches for winners of a contest on deviantArt (details to come soon). The red wolf on the lilypad is Amaterasu from the video game Okami. Below it is the first in a series of Green Book character chibis. Centered is a collaboration piece I am working on with Shanon Hogan (Khezix) and last is a base layout for two potential characters!

They are taking a little longer than expected because I’m having a little trouble adjusting to some hours. They last until the end of December but I will find a way to work around them.

Other than these projects I’ve been trying to teach myself Korean the same way I learned to understand Hindi – listening to the music, watching shows and movies multiple times. I write down words I recognize and then look up meanings on my own. Did you know some words in Hindi cross over to Korean? It’s true! Once I am a bit more comfortable with the language I’ll buy a handbook but for now I want to do it as naturally as possible. Why Korean? Because Mandarin is a little to complicated for me to figure out on my own just now but that is also a goal.

I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend and is in store for a great week before Thanksgiving! I know I have something fun planned for the week. What about you?


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