On To 2015

Lots was accomplished this year! This is the first of the two special posts this week. In celebration of the new year I am laying out a summary of my 2014 and my hopes for the new year.

Over the course of 2014, I:

  • started taking commissions
  • made new friends at Metrocon – and met up with great old ones
  • learned that I love working with kids and horses together
Finger Painting at Arbordale Riding Academy
Finger Painting at Arbordale Riding Academy
  • moved from one job to another
  • have learned so much about people
    • especially by their choice of words and tone of voice
  • refreshed on my French language comprehension
  • started teaching myself Korean
  • taught jewelry making lessons
  • started wonderful conversations with strangers
  • completed the first Green Book in full
  • went to a rodeo
Tampa Rodeo 2014
Tampa Rodeo 2014

There is so much more that I did but today I am favoring a short post. Now, I’d like to help inspire you for the future.

Over the course of 2015 I plan to:

  • attend and sell art and crafts at more than one convention
  • take a trip out of state
  • learn to snowboard
  • start speaking complete sentences and writing
    • fluently in French
    • competently in Korean
  • learn more about horses and trust
  • learn more Tai Chi
  • have the Green Book ready to send out for publication
Green Book draft - completed
Green Book draft – completed

In addition two of my best friends are getting married next year and I am so looking forward to participating in their celebrations as they continue on their journey for the ever after of happily ever after.

Did you learn new things this year? What are your goals for the future? Feel free to comment below!

Good luck and onwards to 2015, guys and gals, I’ll see you there!

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