2015 Themed Discounts

Well, I said I would release a list of themed discounts for 2015 and here they are!

 How does this work?

If you commission work from me during a month when the theme matches your commission you receive the applied discount. Again, original characters are more than welcome! To see the basic price chart, please go here: Kiri’s Commission Price Guide

What counts as a themed work?

It could be that your character wears armor or wardrobe designed after a raven, wolf, butterfly, etc. Perhaps you have a feline character you’d like drawn or a crocodile anthro you would like to commission.

What kind of discounts do we get?

Applied themed discounts are up to 20% off your commission price! You also receive an additional discount for being a repeat customer!

*** this does not apply to already discounted live stream prices ***

Can we still get discounts like the December 2014 Special Holiday Discounts you offered?

Of course! If you commission a picture themed after any of the following you can apply an additional 10% off: Think another event should be up there? Let me know and I’ll take it under consideration!

I don’t see my kind of character up there – does that mean I cannot get a discount?

Absolutely not! If you do not see your type of character please contact me and we will work out where it fits on the chart. If you have more or specific questions feel free to contact me at the following link Contact Kiri – I would be most happy to clarify!


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