Technical Difficulties

My laptop has shut off. Until I purchase a desktop I am using a temporary laptop to track posts, do some minor art, and update commissioners. I am still able to take commissions but there will be a delay in the finishing period until I purchase the new desktop.

Speaking of which, if you have any commissions for Valentine’s Day I can offer you an additional 5% off from now until February 14 – coming to a total of 15% off your commission. Get yours in today at! Want to know what the discounts are for the year? Go to the post 2015 Themed Discounts to find out more! Any commission you place goes towards funding upgraded equipment, covering trips to conventions, supplies, prints, and more!

Now, instead of me ranting about the laptop which should be recalled for the issue but is not, how about some feature artwork from artists who I enjoy? Click on the images to see them larger or to learn more!

“Burden” by Shilin Huang “It’s your choice whether to let your misfortune burden you, or let it empower you.” She writes and illustrates the comic “Carciphona”  a high fantasy novel I highly recommend.
“Hecklers in the Crowd” by Khezix She challenges so many boundaries and only improves in shading, perspective, form, and composition. You will love the life she breathes into her illustrations – especially for her original characters!
“Too Early For Halloween XD” by Sigeel She writes and illustrates the comic “Blood Stain” which I highly recommend reading.
“The Whispering Devil” by Sleyf She illustrates scenes with a great sense for gradient – many of these are from a series, “The Alverdale Tangle,” she co-writes with Deviant Artist InkyRose – which I also highly recommend.
“Prismatic Unicorn” by Sandara Her art is so detailed and draws you in. There are little clues in her illustrations, making you study each one to find something you know you’re probably missing.
“too op! nerf now! XD” by Nebezial Like his wife, he has me in stitches with laughter at his comics and enthralled with the depth in the characters he writes and illustrates. I highly recommend his comics, “Death Vigil” “Witchblade”/”Twitch,” and “Sunstone.”
“Sons of Odin” by Noiry I love the action in her illustrations. There’s always a change in movement, story, mood, and perspective.
“Sign the dotted line” by SnaiLords She will challenge you with her comics – your boundaries, your definitions, your assumptions, your insecurities. She has a running series on Tapastic and I highly recommend all of her work.

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