Licensed to Kill

We are nosey.

Or curious.

It depends on your definition and point of view.

I was driving home one night from work and reached a point where emergency response vehicles had blocked off three of the four lanes. Of course I took advantage of the slow flow of traffic to peek at the accident.

The first thing I noticed was the black and silver pile of metal. I thought it was the smashed front end of a black car. We crept on and next to the misshapen silver and black pile was a whiteSUV. Behind this was a green car. It wasn’t until I saw the entire scene that my mind was able to wrap around the concept of the black and silver vehicle.

It was a motorcycle lying on its side.

You know that feeling when the muscles around your face slowly pull tight? That’s what came next. I turned back around.

The bike looked almost identical to one that a neighbor I barely know drives (his bike was safely in it’s spot when I got home though). My next thought was what if someone driving by knew the motorcyclist? I tried to imagine the frantic phone calling that would ensue to find out if the person was alright. Was the driver wearing the proper safety gear? Had the helmet worked?

I thought of all the motorcyclists I saw speeding around wearing flip flops, shorts, tank tops, and no helmets. What a pity. I also thought of all the drivers who skirt too close to motorcyclists – who pull up very close behind them or cut them off.

One of my last thoughts on this was why, why, why are we so callous when it comes to life? Why are people so lazy when learning how to handle a motor vehicle? Why don’t they realized the attention to detail is so important because they are operating a speeding death machine. Bones are fragile compared to a chassis.

My next step was to go home and draw. Being that close to death reminds me that there is no time like today to start something I’ve been wanting to do.

Be aware, my friends, and always move towards what you want – no matter how big or small – even, if like me, you have to crawl for now.

*click image to see it larger*


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