Fresh Art

Hey guys and gals!


Guess what? I’ll be at Metrocon this year! You’ll find me at A18 on all four days. Come by to browse my art, pick out a print, help me plan future projects, find out more about my novels, or just to chat and hang out!

Now, I’m not sure which of my accounts you keep up with the most (I really should take a survey of that one day) but I just wanted to share some fresh work I’ve been turning out lately. As usual, click on the images to see them in a larger size!

Ice Attack
Bogged Down
Chloe and Chad from my Kaleidoscope series


two fun little characters I doodle randomly
Gaming Shenanigans: Demons Bane

Interested in purchasing some of my art? I take commissions!

To find out more about commission prices go here: [link]

To find out more about discounts you can get on top of being a return customer go here: [link]

I hope everyone is improving and having fun~


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