Plan of Action

commission WIP

I got my art computer back this week so we are back in business my loves!

First thing is first, I’ll be completing the commissions I still owe and then I’ll be focusing on preparing additional prints for Metrocon 2015! Before the end of this year I plan to have Green Book 1 properly titled and ready for my primary editor (hopefully we can actually get it to beta readers before the end of the year). I’m looking into an art fair in Brevard for August and some last minute conventions at the end of the year. If I make it to the Tampa Bay Comic Con it’ll be an organizational miracle but I can always cross my fingers and keep charging on.

I know many have been asking if I publish a regular comic. I’ve just recently started playing more with strips and, while they are random outtakes, I would definitely like to post something more sequential on a regular basis. It will probably be a slice-of-life and fantasy hybrid. How real is this possibility? Real enough that I’ve already penciled out a couple complete strips. Look forward to it, ey!

On that note, I think for any goal, big or small, it’s good to have at least a general plan of action – however I advise you to always leave elbow room for flexibility and unforeseen events.

Take a look at the latest WIP on my deviantArt account – or check out new and old art you may have missed:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.40.53 PM
(click the image to follow the link)


Remember you can get more frequent updates from me on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.45.42 AM
(click the image to follow the link)

It’s about time for a Ratified Research post, wouldn’t you say? I think so to. Look forward to one of those next week!

Remember, I take commissions! This month’s special discounts applies to any water creatures!


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