Month: May 2015

temporarily slimmer posts

Alright guys and gals, here’s the deal. Until Metrocon I won’t have much up here excepting new projects and updates. I’ve been shoving my time table full with completing masks and jewelry so there has been precious little time for writing except in my head to plan future posts. There will still be a post next Saturday but i will probably be filled with pictures of prepared merchandise for the convention and table maps to let you know what is going on.

masquerade mask tests
masquerade mask tests

If you were going to a masquerade ball, what kind of themed masks would you want to see?

Thank you for your patience and continued support, my loves. Remember to take breaks in whatever you are working towards doing. If, however, if you are like me, set a timer.


quick update

I meant to have something for you in terms of koi fish and breeding or body temperature maps and emotions but the plain fact of the matter is I’ve been selling my soul to finish some prints in time for Metrocon 2015. As it is, I’ll just remind you that despite working hard remember to take a breather and nourish yourself so you can keep going. In the mean time, enjoy some updated, pretty art!

As always, click the images to be linked to a larger version.

Gladiolus: Peace Offering
Amaterasu and Issun
Dance With The Stars [commission]


Live Streams are Back!

Hey guys and gals! I had to take a break from streaming for a while while the laptop underwent repairs and silliness but we should be good to start up a few livestreams a month again. I’ll be streaming today, in fact!

Now, I usually have lower commission prices for livestream, but today’s stream will have a rarer low price for commissions! These special discount streams happen randomly about once a month and are only to place your order during the stream. All payment is due at the time of commission and you receive a high res file of your completed work. You can come by to chat, watch, make friends, and commission me! You do not have to be a member or log in to LS in order to do any of these. For more information, feel free to ask me questions.

[click the image for more info and to go to the stream]

Stream starts at 12pm EST. It’ll go for a few hours so feel free to pop by when you’re available. I usually try to announce a few days ahead of time on dA, Twitter, and Facebook that there will be a stream. Keep an eye out for more streams on those sites – I’ll see you there, or I’ll catch you later!

Not much else to report this week for you, other than if I’m counting these correctly I have about 26 comic strips penciled. That’s 26 weeks of comics prepared! They of course need adjusting and reorganizing to figure out the order but I’m well on my way to having them ready to upload in July/August.

Until next time, keep exploring~

quick art update

I had a different post planned for you today guys and gals, but I want to develop it more before I load it for you. Instead of doing both of us a disservice by releaseing a half-baked completed piece, here’s some updated art and what I’ve been working on lately. The plan is to have the post, involving koi fish, up next week.

I hope you are having a stellar week and are doing something to celebrate you and, if applicable, your mother/children for Mother’s Day.

On Silence

My usual commute process for the past few years has included constantly playing music. Recently I’ve made the transitions from obsessively playing mostly dance music, to only instrumental music, to playing any music – to recently playing no music at all over the past three to four months.

The quiet was really loud.

Let me clarify: sometimes music helps me focus, sometimes it boosts my creative process and personal energy, but it seems that recently it’s just been noise that fills my head and leaves very little room for me to process as I usually do to balance. At first it was uncomfortable being washed over with everything I was putting off sorting through but as I made my way through the mess and resorted what I can only describe as endless boxes of content in my mind the silence turned from bombarding to calming.

I forced myself to keep the music silenced on my commute for about a month and I’ve noticed that, a little after welcoming a balancing and meditative silence, I’ve started humming several ‘older’ scores that have not come up on my playlist for a long time. Sometimes they were dance songs, sometimes they were instrumental pieces, sometimes they were cycles of my favorite songs. One thing was similar about them though: whatever I was humming at the moment coincided with whatever inspiration I was working my way through at that moment.

My suggestion to you for the next week is this: try going a whole day without listening to your regular music. What do you hear? What do you find yourself suddenly humming as you work, walk, read, sleep, etc?

What are your thoughts on the sound in your life?