Live Streams are Back!

Hey guys and gals! I had to take a break from streaming for a while while the laptop underwent repairs and silliness but we should be good to start up a few livestreams a month again. I’ll be streaming today, in fact!

Now, I usually have lower commission prices for livestream, but today’s stream will have a rarer low price for commissions! These special discount streams happen randomly about once a month and are only to place your order during the stream. All payment is due at the time of commission and you receive a high res file of your completed work. You can come by to chat, watch, make friends, and commission me! You do not have to be a member or log in to LS in order to do any of these. For more information, feel free to ask me questions.

[click the image for more info and to go to the stream]

Stream starts at 12pm EST. It’ll go for a few hours so feel free to pop by when you’re available. I usually try to announce a few days ahead of time on dA, Twitter, and Facebook that there will be a stream. Keep an eye out for more streams on those sites – I’ll see you there, or I’ll catch you later!

Not much else to report this week for you, other than if I’m counting these correctly I have about 26 comic strips penciled. That’s 26 weeks of comics prepared! They of course need adjusting and reorganizing to figure out the order but I’m well on my way to having them ready to upload in July/August.

Until next time, keep exploring~

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