Month: June 2015

You Should Be Writing!

When I was in high school I wrote often. At first it was only school work, poetry, stories, and keeping up a dream journal. I also wrote when I became angry and upset. Turns out this is very beneficial.

Writing when I was upset helped me the most, even if at first I was writing with bad form and in all caps in frustration. The key at first was to just get the strongest emotions out at first and then work my way through the jumble of thoughts bouncing around in the aether of my mind. Doing it this way I was able to figure out what I wanted and provide options for myself for how to go about getting it. How? Tara Parker-Pope explains this well in “Writing Your Way to Happiness.”

” The concept is based on the idea that we all have a personal narrative that shapes our view of the world and ourselves. But sometimes our inner voice doesn’t get it completely right. Some researchers believe that by writing and then editing our own stories, we can change our perceptions of ourselves and identify obstacles that stand in the way of better health. “

I believe writing to organize your thoughts and perspective like this can lead you to better health. Maintaining good health is not only in the body by exercise and good food but also in the food we feed our mind and souls. For me writing helped me lift myself out of a self-defeating way of thinking – not to say having bad thoughts at all means you have failed. It’s okay to be upset about things, to be vulnerable or bothered or sad. What matters is how you deal with the situation and work through it. Did you learn anything? Can you improve? Most importantly, can you move yourself forward?

Writing has done a lot of good for many of my friends and associates. Not all of them are writers but you don’t have to be a novelist to write for yourself. You write every day. Some of you write text messages, others emails, role play, nonfiction essays, journals, etc. The best part about self help writing is that no one has to see it – it is all for you.

Whether you have done it before or this is your first time trying it out I encourage you to open a new file or pick up a pen and start writing. It does not have to make sense right now, the meaning and interpretation can come later. Take the first steps to a happier, healthier you~

A preview of things to come!
A preview of things to come!

heads up

First of all, I’ll be doing a live stream this Monday at 2pm EST. Come by to watch, chat, meet nifty people, and commission me (prices range between $5-$20, +$1 to account for Paypal processing fee). I’ll announce the start and put out links on deviantArt, Facebook, and Twitter, or you can just bookmark it with this for later:

Second, I”ll be uploading Metrocon pictures to my Facebook artist page album over the course of Sunday June 21. I’ll also be working on figuring out styles for the webcomic I’ll be uploading starting mid-way through August – specific dates to be announced in the beginning of July.

I have more goodies for you. You’ll see.

It is way past my bed time and a new day job work schedule has left my brain fried like green eggs with ham so good night my lovely guys and gals. Enjoy this intriguing preview animation!


<p><a href=”″>KARIBA teaser</a> from <a href=”″>BLUE FOREST</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Come see me at Metrocon in Tampa~

Thursday morning and the first person I meet is Anna of Grandmother Clock!! What are the odds? Found Amy (Blasians Creed) and Tiffany again this year plus I’m meeting lots of new and wonderful people.

Let’s share a fun experience – come by the booth! I have metallic red and blue balloons at the ends of my booth. I want pictures with you~


I’m glad the masquerade masks did well. People seemed to enjoy what they purchased! I’ll be doing these masks every year so if there is a particular character or design you would like to see make sure to let me know so I can get a head start for you!


Lots more pictures to come, my loves. I hope you’re having a good weekend~

Next week is Metrocon!

This usually the time to start freaking out, especially when I have to finish inventory, spray masquerade masks, update with location (table A16 or 18 – there will be a balloon with my table number) and pack the suitcases. So much left to do, so little time!

There will be no post content today, guys and gals. Next week look for some pictures from the convention in progress OR if you’re in Tampa come to the downtown convention center! We’ll hang out, dress up, see a cool chess match – it’ll be fun!

some of the masks that will be available at Metrocon 2015

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