If You Want Something

…don’t just wait for it to come for you. Go out and make it happen.

Today I want to share some motivation with you. While neither of these artful strips of encouragement are mine they are well laid out messages I found powerful and for me they do not apply just to art, but to any skill you want to learn. For example, I hope to one day pick up capoeira again, as well as tai chi. Sometimes learning skills comes in waves – for a few years you learn one thing, then you’re redirected to another. Some things keep coming back into your life while others, the ones less important to you, fade into the background. I’ve always thought that if it is something you want badly enough, no matter that you cannot put it to words or that when others interpret your wish they often cannot categorize it correctly, that you can will it to come to you or make it happen. I mean, think about it. Everyone who was ever great at something started were you are now. They took an interested in that something and studied and practiced it. It may seem like they were never knocked down but falling is not publicized, the rise up from the fall is.

"Take A Chance" by SOLAR-CiTRUS
“Take A Chance” by SOLAR-CiTRUS
“Like An Artist” by JellyVampire

Now get out there. You can do it.

Happy learning friends ~

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