Simple Updates

Not too much this week my dears. I’m settling into a new position of work and straightening out my calendar. The biggest update I have for you is that first off, next week’s post will have a bit about koi fish coloring, and second, if you have not heard, the updates for my webcomic Sugar&Salt have been changed to every other Tuesday.

When I started the comic I thought I would have more back log to accommodate for every day changes but it simply turns out I did not and spending every day after work working on strips was taking away from a part of my live that I love: being active. My main external goal for this comic is to share fun and wisdom. Internally if I’m not having fun I will not do it. So, in an effort not to burn out, the next strip update will be September 29. Until then I know there are a ton of other webcomics available that you can distract yourself with in the mean time. If you cannot find any let me know. I have a massive arsenal of recommendations.

Remember to laugh and enjoy the fall season guys and gals!

Quick Jog by PascalCampion
Quick Jog by PascalCampion

To those north of us, I am platonically jealous that your trees are painting the landscape with beautiful colors~


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