Do or Do Not

Do you enjoy doing something – something in particular that makes you happy?

Do it.

Work on what you love, what makes you happy. Others will pick up on that happy, sparkling energy and guess what? It’s attractive to all kinds of wonderful people – not to mention it’s the most addictive drug. Work with what you have, learn to make the things you want to happen happen and when opportunity doesn’t knock at your door, start knocking on doors yourself. The worst you can receive is a “no” or perhaps trip, but that’s what we have bandages and friends for. Recall the post I released a while ago about the built in mechanism for stress resilience? Make use of it.

I am at the Florida Writer’s Conference this weekend helping out and participating in something that makes me happy. I have never been to a writer’s conference before but I have been wanting to attend one for years and I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am going to have the time of my life meeting new people, perhaps exchanging ideas, and learning a multitude of new information.

So for this week’s post I simply want to say to you: make the best of your moments and enjoy your life. Money cannot replace that. Share hugs. Contract contagious smiles. Do a project to the best of your ability. Have strength in what you believe is right. Wake up dancing.

Through the Fire
Through the Fire

Go do something to make you happy today, whether it is treating yourself, helping others, or working on your dream. Get to know and love yourself. You are wonderful~

I’ll see you again next week guys and gals!

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