Artist Feature – OCs

This artist feature originates from Deviant Art and focuses on sharing original characters. I do these occasionally as a comment-and-feature or as a raffle. Come see some interesting characters and click the image to be taken to the original and learn more about the creator!

  • :iconsleyf: Sleyf – I have been reading Sleyf and Inkyrose’s Alverdale Tangle series for a while and Henri de Reveille is actually the first character that caught my eye. Henri belongs to Sleyf and he’s an adorable young man who is roped into shenanigans by his companions. However, though he tends to be soft spoken and reluctant to confrontation he has an honorable heart. He is still a bit of a mystery to me and I can’t wait to catch up and read more about this handsome Frenchman!


  • :icondakaido: Dakaido – First of all, yay winter clothes!!! That said, Nathaniel was orphaned at the age of six and the brief paragraph about him indicates that he can change into two forms and is part of tokotas which from context sounds like a wolf pack. I’m curious as to how Nathaniel survived and how he met the tokotas – or if his family knew them and they rose up to the task of raising the orphaned boy.


  • :icong0ttam: G0ttam – So, G0ttam and I joined a role playing group and from their first year it looked like they had great activity. Entering in the group’s ‘second school year’ we were excited to expand our OCs. Unfortunately the group fell apart a few months into play and before the first major event – as did the RPs. However, this German girl started out as a pretty snazzy geek and was fun to play along with. Hopefully another worthwhile RP pops up.


  • :iconmuramia: Muramia – Cotton Carnival is probably one of the creepiest characters I’ve been interested in in a long time – I just can’t stop wondering what Carnival is all about. She makes me think of a clown crossed with a raptor and imagining meeting her makes me twitchy as she is 6’3″ at the shoulder when on all fours – but she can stand on her hind legs for a period of time which puts her over 11′. The length of her tongue reminds me of a sweet purebred great dane I knew for a period of time (when she slept, her tongue stuck out of her mouth like so). What makes me the most curious is the black substance leaking from her split tail – and what keeps her tail floating behind her? Some kind of magnetism?


  • :iconaymstersilver: AymsterSilver – Hahaha, I can’t wait to find out more about the charming Morchesso Vandessa! The picture below is the first one I found of this guy and it made me smile right off the bat as well as raised a few questions – all great aspects of an initial illustration. I believe Amyster has at least a 3 book series planned for this guy and I don’t know much about him other than he’s involved with science, chemicals, and can swim deep underwater. Also, his wardrobe looks like fun.


  • :icondarkenmarr: Darkenmarr – First of all I need to say that I very much admire Darken’s art flow. There’s something about the combination of form, lines, and color that I just love looking at both for study and enjoyment. I still have to stalk poke around her gallery but in the time I first started talking to Darken to now I’m still very intrigued by Zapper! Darken’s had this morphing, fire powered, pneumatic puppet for a long time and paired with OC Sandy he makes a fun tag-a-long. I think what draws me in the most about him is both his search for his ‘lost someone’ and the childlike mischief and glee in his expressions.


  • :iconratprince: RatPrince – Although Felix Thakur is a street rat but he has some interesting abilities and the fashion in which he uses these per his experiences keeps making me want to learn more. It’s all in his eyes. Rat Prince has a great way with expression and bone structure. I can tell he’s strong willed and I’m guessing he would have a tendency for courage when the moment arises – or for taking action in the very least. There’s a haunting there with the dark and pink tinting under the eyes and more than two piercings is to me indicative of some kind of pain (at least in characters). He also has great taste in wardrobe – may I borrow the black coat he’s designed with?


Have a great weekend my dears!



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