Month: December 2015

On to 2016

Alright guys and gals, it’s that time again! To be quite honest it seems like this year went by very quickly for a lot of people, myself included. Here’s my recap of 2015″

  • changed jobs
  • made new friends and met up with old friends at Metrocon
  • missed working with horses and kids, separately and together
  • learned that I understand a lot more Hindi than I thought I did just from watching a ton of movies over one summer with my mother!
  • owned a pet snake for a small period of time
  • planned and actively prepared to have my own, furry pets
  • improved my anatomy drawing skills
  • missed swimming

What did you accomplish this year? Did you find you can do something you never thought possible? Did you discover something new about yourself?

Here’s what I have planned for 2016:

  • travel somewhere out of state whether by flight or by road trip
  • illustrate more from The Green Book so I can solidify a few hazy designs
  • now that The Green Book is written (book 1) refine the cast and region
    • learn more about how to make politics function in a storybook
  • build a wall of motivation and a wall of positivity
  • spend more time with animals and nature
  • promote positivity

There were a few things on my list from the previous year’s post that I did not get to do. That is okay. Maybe they will get done this year, in the mean time, I’ll start small.

Another thing I’m going to try is this:


What’s on your list? Link me up! Until the next time, I hope you have a safe and fun New Years guys and gals. As always, it is a pleasure~


Holiday Giggles

No official post this weekend, guys and gals, except to tell you updates for the comic are going to be moved to: whenever I can. When I started the comic I had a schedule set up and for a while it was working. However, a few situations in my life have taken a turn for the worse and in order to deal with them I have to shift priorities accordingly. Be assured I am not quitting the comic, but I cannot guarantee scheduled updates for a while.

Today I invite you to instead join me for a giggle in these wonderful holiday shorts – please, link off to Youtube and explore more!

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season. Thanks for checking in and I look forward to seeing you in the next year!

Your Serving of Soul Food

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately for personal pleasure and I find I miss it a lot. I miss spending time combing through the library for reference, working in study groups, and digesting material. It was also not just the act of going through these motions but the time spend with it – it was relaxing to research my interest on a particular question and to branch out in the web of information.

I’ve been drawing a lot of Green Book illustrations from my book lately and I find I miss that too. While I love completing commissions and helping manage projects for others on a personal and professional platform, I’ve forgotten to give my soul food too. This is strongly apparent now that a situation in my life has taken a turn for the worse and the most “nutritious” of my soul food selections is not accessible at the moment.

So this week is about reminding you to remember yourself, especially when you’re down and low. Never listen to the things you think when you’re sad and lonely. That said, you can be alone and not lonely – the difference is the quality and polarity of your thoughts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 11.22.06 AM

Thank You

I want to take a moment to acknowledge those of you who stand up and step forward.


Thank you to those who, like me, have carried the turtle across the road to safety, and thank you to those who stop for us to pass; to those of you pull over on the roadway to remove the branch causing people to swerve and change lanes at the last minute – I’ve seen some of you. For all of you who stop to help a stranger jump a dead car battery or helped a single person carry their multiple and heavy groceries to their car, thank you.


To those of you who take a serious interest in your studies no matter if your parents approve or how much financial support you have. Thank you to those of you in study groups and group projects who graciously keep everyone moving forward and on track, leading by example and inspiring others to put their best effort forward.


For those of you who came into careers you love early and those of you working a job you may or may not like while you build your dreams one foundation stone at a time. To those of you who take breaks and spend time with your hobbies – who strive for balance and moderation, who power forward, and who take the time to refill themselves so they may refill others.

“Why You Should Keep Your Day Job (For Now)” by Kelly Gurnett

Thank you to those who take a stand against the improbable odds and prove dreams and goals are not impossible; to those who push, climb, smash, and melt through the brick walls.


Most of all thank you to those of you who do what you do for no when no one is looking and in return for no acknowledgement. I respect, admire, am inspired by, and appreciate you.

Thank you