Thank You

I want to take a moment to acknowledge those of you who stand up and step forward.


Thank you to those who, like me, have carried the turtle across the road to safety, and thank you to those who stop for us to pass; to those of you pull over on the roadway to remove the branch causing people to swerve and change lanes at the last minute – I’ve seen some of you. For all of you who stop to help a stranger jump a dead car battery or helped a single person carry their multiple and heavy groceries to their car, thank you.


To those of you who take a serious interest in your studies no matter if your parents approve or how much financial support you have. Thank you to those of you in study groups and group projects who graciously keep everyone moving forward and on track, leading by example and inspiring others to put their best effort forward.


For those of you who came into careers you love early and those of you working a job you may or may not like while you build your dreams one foundation stone at a time. To those of you who take breaks and spend time with your hobbies – who strive for balance and moderation, who power forward, and who take the time to refill themselves so they may refill others.

“Why You Should Keep Your Day Job (For Now)” by Kelly Gurnett

Thank you to those who take a stand against the improbable odds and prove dreams and goals are not impossible; to those who push, climb, smash, and melt through the brick walls.


Most of all thank you to those of you who do what you do for no when no one is looking and in return for no acknowledgement. I respect, admire, am inspired by, and appreciate you.

Thank you




2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. What a lovely post, it is lovely for you to acknowledge the good in the world, the things that people do that make a difference to themselves, to their dreams, to others, to the natural world. People are so often quick to see the problems, the negativity rather than seeing and appreciating those positives, those big and small gestures that ripple outwards to continue making a difference. Blessings.

    1. Definitely, and I hope I can slowly bring more of that positive light into being so we can make more of a difference on each other. Thank you for your comment!

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