Your Serving of Soul Food

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately for personal pleasure and I find I miss it a lot. I miss spending time combing through the library for reference, working in study groups, and digesting material. It was also not just the act of going through these motions but the time spend with it – it was relaxing to research my interest on a particular question and to branch out in the web of information.

I’ve been drawing a lot of Green Book illustrations from my book lately and I find I miss that too. While I love completing commissions and helping manage projects for others on a personal and professional platform, I’ve forgotten to give my soul food too. This is strongly apparent now that a situation in my life has taken a turn for the worse and the most “nutritious” of my soul food selections is not accessible at the moment.

So this week is about reminding you to remember yourself, especially¬†when you’re down and low. Never listen to the things you think when you’re sad and lonely. That said, you can be alone and not lonely – the difference is the quality and polarity of your thoughts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 11.22.06 AM

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