On to 2016

Alright guys and gals, it’s that time again! To be quite honest it seems like this year went by very quickly for a lot of people, myself included. Here’s my recap of 2015″

  • changed jobs
  • made new friends and met up with old friends at Metrocon
  • missed working with horses and kids, separately and together
  • learned that I understand a lot more Hindi than I thought I did just from watching a ton of movies over one summer with my mother!
  • owned a pet snake for a small period of time
  • planned and actively prepared to have my own, furry pets
  • improved my anatomy drawing skills
  • missed swimming

What did you accomplish this year? Did you find you can do something you never thought possible? Did you discover something new about yourself?

Here’s what I have planned for 2016:

  • travel somewhere out of state whether by flight or by road trip
  • illustrate more from The Green Book so I can solidify a few hazy designs
  • now that The Green Book is written (book 1) refine the cast and region
    • learn more about how to make politics function in a storybook
  • build a wall of motivation and a wall of positivity
  • spend more time with animals and nature
  • promote positivity

There were a few things on my list from the previous year’s post that I did not get to do. That is okay. Maybe they will get done this year, in the mean time, I’ll start small.

Another thing I’m going to try is this:


What’s on your list? Link me up! Until the next time, I hope you have a safe and fun New Years guys and gals. As always, it is a pleasure~


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