Two prize RAFFLE for FREE ART!! *see below*

Hey guys and gals!

This week (and for the next month) I’ve got a question that requires your feedback. It is especially important so I’m making it a submission and a journal across all the sites I manage. For more incentive if you complete the short survey I’ve developed you will be entered in a drawing to win a free commission from me – two winners are possible!

What is the deadline to complete the survey?

Midnight of Sunday January 31st 2016

When will the drawing be?

Sunday February 7th 2016

I will host a live stream to finish the sketch you see of Swift and Kiara with this post. The drawing will be during the stream at 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Links to the survey will be provided later in the month along with reminders on Facebook, FA, DA, and Twitter. Stay tuned~

How will you randomize the draw?

Once you complete the survey (linked further down) I will give you an assigned number via the mode of contact you specify at the end of the survey. During the stream draw I’ll shake all the numbers in a hat or bag and draw two numbers.

***If we get over 20 people taking the survey I’ll draw a third winner!***

What art can we win from the raffle?

You get a free commission from me! It can be fan art or original illustration of your OC. The first winner gets TWO characters, the second gets ONE. Style examples are as follows:


Seeking Solace
Unicorn Chibis
Horse Gal Pals
Raffle Prize: Hilden


Gift Art: THS Walker Wallaby
Howl of the Byre Banshee


Great! How do I get started?

Follow the ink below to the survey and after you have finished, leave me the appropriate information at the end of the survey with which to contact you (there are instructions throughout the survey, don’t worry). If you found the survey via deviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, or Furaffinity you can leave me your screen name – be sure to tell me which site you are on so I’m not searching on all my member sites for your screen name please!

Your name will not be linked to your survey responses – all answers are anonymous and I won’t be able to tell who left what response unless you tell me in the survey content.

Even if you are not interested in the raffle (what? Who doesn’t like a raffle?) you are free to state so in the survey but I would still appreciate your feedback.




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