Though it Out

So to be honest I didn’t know what to write for this week’s blog. I don’t have any powerfully inspired revelations today but here is a brief observation from a twenty-something just trying to make it in the world and push past her fears and inhibitions.

I have lots of plans. Some are left over from high school, some were put into motion during college. A few have turned out wonderfully, others have fallen through. The ones that fall through suck, let me tell you, especially when you thought they were going to change your life in a really big way. However, the thing about change is that though it can crash in on you like a tsunami with dramatic lighting and music like on TV I find it more often sneaks up on you during moments you don’t even realize it. So for those of you whose plans are working out I am so happy for you and congratulations! For those of you trying to work it out and the plans keep falling through more often than succeeding, it sucks and it’s okay, no matter your age or what stage your are at in your life. On the simplest level we are learning to balance with that maybe it’s just not the time for them yet or you just have to suck it up and keep fighting it. Also, if you’re someone who is sick of reading all the sentimental stuff about how it’s just life and we’re just learning and blah blah blah it’s pissing you off then pick up the phone and call whoever helps you tough through it and talk to them. Please. Then, better yet, get up and do something about it. If, like me, sometimes you just need to cry or beat up a few pillows or rip papers by hand for five minutes then do it.

Other things to do? Well, you could get a fish and find some relaxation in watching it play with the roots of air filtering plants pants in its bigger, better home out of a cup in the pet shop. You could read the newest book in a series you like or go for a walk on the beach, but hey, I’m just blogging from an apartment trying to pay bills and make my dreams work at the same time.


Find little things that make you happy and go with it. Have a good weekend guys and gals!

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