Level Your Skills

I took a major leap towards doing something I have been wanting to do since about 9th grade and it was nothing short of exhilarating! I definitely want to get more involved to both learn and share knowledge in but it’s going to take some time to make the factors of people, situation, and money come together. However, now that I have the idea in my head it’ll probably tickle me until it comes into being, like when I felt it was time to get pet fish or when I wanted to teach horseback riding lessons or become a name for personalized art and jewelry.

you can see everyone but the dwarf frog
you can see everyone but the dwarf frog

It got me to thinking that since before I understood what a career was a young Kiri would think, ‘I want to learn everything!’ Now when I’m older I have the most fun when I am learning and experiencing something new (or something old in a new way). I learn the most surrounded by a positive atmosphere. I both want to be highly proficient in some areas and to be capable of executing a multitude of tasks. While I do already have a broad spectrum of knowledge I still come up feeling useless sometimes. After a while of pondering that I came to the following assessment:

Skill proficiency will never become obsolete even as machines take over a lot of our jobs. Examples? Take note that power fails even with generators, surge protectors, transfer switches, and the like. Any machine plugged in or operating on battery power will need maintenance. Those maintenance teams need to learn to read and write in order to understand manuals and make accurate reports. As people begin to rely more on autonomous machines their body language will become more automatic so learning to understand and navigate social circles will depend on your knowledge of people and their tell tale signs. Understanding your skills and how to relate it to people can help you a lot on a team as well.

Raffle Prize: Boys Night In

Every fantastic series you are watching right now no matter what it is (Arrow, Flash, Doctor Who, Gotham, Once Upon A Time) are all results of a team of highly skilled people, a lot of which worked very hard to get where they are now – some of them have been working for as long as we have been alive. My point is a great story takes many great characters put together by great writers and brought to life by great actors who are captured by great cameramen and producers who are then exonerfied by a great audience.

Do you have an idea in your head you want to bring into your life? Are you not able to earn enough money doing what you love for a living? So you have a certain hand of cards. Work with it. Take a day job, pay your bills, and in your spare time work on your passion. Start now. Every master had to start somewhere and one day someone – hopefully several someones – will want to pay to learn your knowledge. Sure, a lot of material is posted online but there will be those who learn best from hands on experience. Never settle. Let your spirit thrive and your energy reverberate as it does best when your heart and soul are happy.

Have a great weekend my dears!

Raffle Prize: Sarah Locke

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