Artist Interview: Ag-Cat

Happy weekend guys and gals! Briefly: As you know regular posts are on hiatus until August. I will post as often as I can until then as I prep for Metrocon and moving!

Today we have the pleasure of learning more about deviant Artist Ag-Cat! I’ve interacted with Ag-Cat on and off before and again have the pleasure of completing some prize art of her characters. She has a great resiliance to sticking with it and you can see the color selection and anatomy adjust and change to improve across her pieces.

On the Bus
On the Bus

Ag-Cats started out on traditional mediums such as pencil, crayon, paper, and anything else she could get her hands on. Partially due to the cost of traditional supply she she started practicing digital art in 2012 and now works primarily in that medium. Ag-Cat views her artistic activity as a passionate hobby and she is looking to build a career with it in the future. At the moment she takes a particular interest in working on original characters and enjoys fleshing each one out in both design and personal development. Recently I’ve noticed a different shimmer to her shading and I enjoy her colorful combinations!

Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves

So what should you do if you are on a similar journey and are looking to improve? Ag-Cat’s advice is this: “Learn the basics first…then practice, practice, practice.” She cautions not to rush into copying your favorite artists and idols but encourages you to examine the pieces by those persons you admire. Pay attention to the form, light, shadow, anatomy and flow of those pieces to understand what you do like and can apply to your own work versus what you would want to do differently. Your process is also improved by asking for critiques from others, by nursing your motivation to improve, and believing you can do better. “Don’t forget to look back on how much progress you have made and give yourself a highfive!”

Sweet Demure & Sweeter Demure
Sweet Demure & Sweeter Demure

Ag-Cat finds it relaxing to spend time developing a piece and helps take her mind of things she worries about. While spending time with friends and family is important to her and can also be stress relieving Ag-Cat reminds us it is important to let your loved ones know that you also need time for yourself. Simply talk to them. Creating art is one of Ag-Cat’s methods to handle stress and her internal struggles. Sit down with your craft and let the stress bleed away into the simple fact in the work of it.


What does Ag-Cat do when she’s not creating artistic pieces and is looking for a break and recharge? “I like listening to music. I hope that I will have time (and money) to learn an instrument one day. I have also started to dapple on film critique, just for my own enjoyment. It gives me an insight on what make a movie good: script, screenplay, cinematography, etc.”

Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin

Finally, a last few encouraging words from Ag-Cat no matter what you are pursuing: “Do you want to create? Then pick up your chosen tool and just do it! If you only have five minutes to draw a day, draw something in that five minutes.” You got this!

Thank you for taking time with us today for this interview and thank you Ag-Cat for taking time to participate in the recent raffle! Please take a moment to peruse Ag-Cat’s gallery: Ag-Cat @ dA

All prizes from the raffle are now posted on deviantArt – follow the links below to see them:

The next raffle is projected for August/September. Keep your eye out on Twitter, deviantArt, and Facebook for the notifications! I’ll see you in a bit my wonderful, patient blog checkers. Have a great weekend!


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