Month: December 2016

Looking to 2017!

So, this was definitely supposed to go up yesterday, oops! Sorry, guys and gals, it was completely my mistake.

Alright, it’s that time again! Time for a review of the previous year. To peek at last year’s post go here: On To 2016! For 2016 I added notes to a jar with good things that happened and things I learnt. It turned out to be a great idea. Here are a few highlights of my 2016:

  • attended my sister’s graduation
  • I adopted two 6 mo. rat does and they’re doing well (from 2016 goals!)
  • attended the renaissance festival (I love it and should have been going sooner)
  • I made a fluffy faux-fur wolf tail!
  • had my first up close and personal encounter with a Ducati!!!!! (Course 1198 ♥)
  • struck up a memorable conversation with a (handsome) stranger at Metrocon in the Scavenger Hunt room
  • participated in funding two kickstarter campaigns – you go, creators!
  • took a trip out of state via plane (from 2016 goals!)
  • was a bridesmaid for the first time!
  • attended two conventions this year (from 2016 goals!)
  • found a fun new way to pick up languages
  • started building a positivity wall (from 2016 goals!)
  • spent more time with animals and nature (from 2016 goals)


What about you? Did you discover something new about yourself? Did you get to do something you thought you’d never do?

What should we put on the list for 2017, ey?

  • edit the Green Book 1
  • build a goals wall
  • start learning another foreign language
    • refresh my French
  • participate in a large collaboration project with other creators
  • volunteer with animals/wildlife/environment
  • take better care of my skin

Once again I’ll be adding my good experiences and things I learn (even from not so good experiences) this year to a jar again. I’ve been throwing in fortune cookie slips and such as well. You should try it! It’s a fun way to look back at the previous year and even remember a few of the things you’ve forgotten. This way you can also make some plans and generate ideas for the coming year~

I do not have an announcement for you regarding postings for this blog or my webcomic for 2017 yet. You will learn more towards February about those plans. For now if you want to keep up with me your best bet is via one of the following sites:


Here’s to hoping you had a great new year’s celebration and I look forward to seeing you part of my 2017. As always, it is a pleasure~


Blog Hiatus

If you have not already noticed this blog is on HIATUS until 2017. The next post will be 12/31/16. After that I can so far promise no regular schedule as of yet. I ended up taking on too many projects over 2016 and over the course of the next 2 months will be shifting them around until I can manage timely updates.

Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.

If you want to keep up with me in the mean time your best bet are the accounts linked below ordered from the most likely to update to least from top to bottom:

INSTAGRAM @amaranthinerain

DEVIANTART @AmaranthineRain

TWITTER @KiriRamdeo

FACEBOOK @KiriRamdeo.artist

TWITCH.TV @AmaranthineRain

The And Scene contest I hosted has been judged and all that remains is the raffle portion. If you would like to attend my last stream for 2016 please go to this journal: “And Scene Results- Pick Your Live Stream Time!” for available times and either comment there or let me know on Twitter. Those are the only two locations I will take preference indications. Please keep your vote to one per person.

I will also be at the Holiday Matsuri convention this coming weekend in Orlando, FL sharing a vendor booth with Purrito Press!

Regardless of all the hiccups I hope to be in touch with you all again soon~