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Artist Interview: 1tiptip1

Hey guys and gals, it’s been a while! Today I’ve got an artist interview for you from 1tiptip1 on deviantArt. I recognize her by the wonderful nature photographs on her account and her pet reference photos.

1. How do you view your artistic activity?

Right now it’s just a hobby.

My dream is to someday write a novel. The novel I’m trying to work on is a science fiction/paranormal/fantasy type setting. Basically a world where people have traveled to other planets through out history but still has the fantasy paranormal elements to it.

I really love table top RPG books. I always thought it would be awesome to design one. I love building worlds and thinking how things can fit into them.

I’d also love to make my own Tabletop RPG books.

2. Where, when, with what are you the most inspired and in touch with your creative energy? 

I actually get a lot of inspiration from documentaries. I’ve come up with a few ideas watching everything from history to nature and thinking of how things could work in a different world. I find if I’m trying to work on some concept in a story looking at the concept in real life from around the world and through history helps put a bit of realism to the story.

3. What are your favorite kinds of pieces to work on and develop?

I love character and world building. To me the two can really go together. Whenever you work on a setting, world or piece of history it can really make other parts of your story really click together.

4. Who are some of the artists who inspire you the most?

Aerophoinix, Abbysol, Armanie-Zacharias, DarkQuartz, Jolsma, DancesWithDreams. There are a lot more. These people are creative and when speaking to them [I find that] they put a lot of thought into their characters and worlds.

5. How do you recommend other artists/creatives address their difficulty or skill they find lacking and want to improve?

I find sometimes when I’m really not happy with something I should leave it alone for a while. Sometimes if I take my mind off something and work on something else all the stuff I was stressing over isn’t so bad when I look at it again. Or sometimes the thing I was trying to desperately fit in that didn’t work won’t seem so hard to let go.

6. What are your interests outside of your artistic endeavors? Do you think these are important to explore to improve your art?

I like to work with polymer clay and in the summer try to garden. Also, cats – I have a horrid obsession with cats.

7. Is there a place you would like to visit in the future (out of state/abroad)?  

I would like to someday see Alaska or Australia. Someplace with a lot of nature.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this interview and thank you, Tip, for participating! Take a moment to look through Tip’s gallery – linked above.

Prizes from the writing contest “And Scene” are in progress on deviantArt. Links will be available soon!

  • First Prize: 1tiptip1 – artist feature and color illustration of one character [Kaleb]

  • Second Prize: Sleyf – flat color illustration of one character
  • Third Prize: GerryTHC – chibi illustration of one character
  • Raffle Draw: DancesWithDreams – icon
  • Raffle Draw: Feu-en-Bleu – icon

Thank you for keeping an eye out, patient ones! I do have a few write-this-again posts developing from the most popular research topics on my last blog site. They should be fun and amusing – at least for me. Catch you around!


Other Artist Interviews:

  1. Artist Highlight: Shannon Hogan (Khezix)
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Last Major Contest + Raffle of 2016: And Scene!!

Hey guys and gals, it’s been a while – and what better way to start a chunk of ‘regular weekly posts’ again than with a bang?

It’s that time again! Please note: this is the LAST FULL ON raffle or contest I will host until 2017. Any other raffles will be minor and most likely related to live streams. Information on future raffles will be provided in December 2016/January 2017. Thank you to all returning and new participants for allowing me to be part of your journey during these events~

This time your raffle entry is given mainly on writing or sequential art but you may also enter by submitting an illustration. Please keep reading for details!~~

Time to put your storytelling skills in gear! Imagine one of your OCs has gotten into a dire situation. Perhaps they are robbing La Louve, about to be kidnapped from a desert mansion for ransom, escorting children in a special events evening tour of an aquarium, obtaining evidence on an antagonist from some remote mountain ruins, sneaking behind troop lines to change the balance in power play of the enemy commanders, etc. Then imagine something starts to go terribly wrong – oh no!! The next thing your OC hears is shattering glass from above. When everyone looks up they see the following:

Night by KiriRamdeo


* * * Y o u r G o a l * * *

You are to describe either by writing a piece of flash fiction (word limit in next section) or illustration (media defined in next section) the scene leading up to Kaipo crashing through the ceiling. Try your best to write/illustration an answer to one or more of the following questions:
  1. How did your OC get into the situation – were they willing or were they coerced?
  2. Is the full moon significant to the situation?
  3. What is at stake for your OC? How could this effect your OC’s future if they succeed/fail?
  4. Is your OC alone or with a team? How do they feel at this interruption? Did they anticipate Kaipo’s entry or does this derail their entire plan?
  5. Is Kaipo your ally, a complete stranger, a neutral party, or the ultimate enemy – and is he coming for your soul or to save you?
*Important: your content is the most important thing here. I’m hoping this prompt will help you in the development of your own characters.


* * * L i m i t a t i o n s * * *

  • WORD LIMIT: minimum 300 words, maximum 2000 words (equivalent to 4 pages single spaced with 12pt Times New Roman)
  • ILLUSTRATION: any digital, traditional, or mixed media that depicts the scene – you still need at least a 300 word depiction of the scene.
  • SEQUENTIAL ART: as in comic – you may complete comic pages or strips in response to this prompt in lieu of a written piece – your entire storyline must be submitted before the deadline (no page/strip limit).
  • SETTING: you may use ANY setting/genre – futuristic, steampunk, apocalyptic, medieval, supernatural, ancient, present, fantasy, cyberpunk, etc.
  • Be careful only to define only Kaipo’s relationship (existent or not) to your OC, not what Kaipo is. If you have any questions about what he is to enhance your depiction of your entry please let me know!
  • If you would like you can write/draw your character’s reaction to the dragon’s entrance or indicate what may happen next but please do not write more than a few sentences beyond Kaipo’s entrance.

* * * S u b m i s s i o n D e a d l i n e * * *

October 31, 2016
~ may be extended if needed – please comment below or note me if this becomes the case – extension period is at my discretion ~


* * * Y o u r R a f f l e E n t r y * * *


This is a contest-raffle so both placed winners and one raffle winner will be an option. Placed winners are excluded from the raffle to keep this as fair as possible. You may make submissions of multiple characters or in multiple options outlined above but you only receive ONE raffle entry. Remember, your content is the most prudent here.

*****While there is no extra entry for commenting on your peers’ entries this time around I strongly encourage you to check them out, again for that you might be inspired or find a new writer/artist to follow – go here.*****
When will the winners be announced?

The drawing date for the raffle and prize announcements will be released soon after all entries are in and I have had a chance to review all material.

The raffle winner will be drawn during a live stream as per past tradition for us to interact live – come hang out and let me know what you thought of this contest-raffle!

Date: TBA
Time: TBA ; Eastern Standard Time

You can save the link to my channel but I will post the link again on Facebook, dA, and Twitter. Stay tuned~

*You do not have to be present for the stream in order to win a slot at the raffle drawing*


How will you randomize the draw?

During the live stream I will use an online randomizer depending on the number of entries.

* * * P r i z e s * * *

this is your choice of yourself, a pet portrait, or your OC

1st prize = detailed color illustration of your choice and a journal interview feature (if you already have the later we shall discuss options)
art examples:
Dev ID update 2016 by KiriRamdeo  Memory by KiriRamdeo  Raffle Prize: Boys Night In by KiriRamdeo

journal interview feature example: Artist Intervew: Ag-Cat

2nd prize = flat color illustration of your choice (some gradient possible at my discretion)
Ask Us Anything by KiriRamdeo Squirrel Boy by KiriRamdeo
3rd prize = lined and colored chibi
Unicorn Chibis by KiriRamdeo  Requests Closed Kiri Chibi by KiriRamdeo
Raffle winner = icon (with option for motion)
Raffle Prize: Val Annoyed by KiriRamdeo  Assassin Amara Icon by KiriRamdeo  Amara Horse Light by KiriRamdeo

If you have any questions or if anything unclear please let me know and remember – have fun!!  :squee: :dance: :happybounce: :squee: :dance: :happybounce: :squee: :dance: :happybounce: :squee: :dance: :happybounce: 

**Special Notes**

  • Link back to the raffle and spread the word at your discretion!
  • Constructive feedback is always, always welcome – I appreciated all the notes I received after the previous raffle from those of you who enjoyed it – both winners and participants~
  • I do these because as stated above the majority of participants have expressed that these are fun! I am more than happy to host and provide prizes. However, sometimes I can get myself eyeballs deep in multiple projects, so if you have suggestions for dynamic prizes or would like to help me provide prize art in the future, please note me! I’ll contact you before future raffles and ask if you are able to participate in providing prizes (please note that this does bar you from an entry into the contest but you are more than welcome to participate in the prompt).

Raffle Nearing End and Potential Faux Wolf Tails

Yes, another raffle reminder! Go here for the journal with all instructions and dates: RAFFLE OC MEME – ART and/or WRITING

Deadline: Friday May 27th 2016

Stream: Saturday June 4th 2016 @ 4pm

View the entries so far – eee I’m so excited for you guys! It looks like a lot of people have many different types of characters and a few of you are learning new things about your cast with questions they never considered or were never asked.

I found a tutorial for how to make a fluffy wolf-like tail from braiding and brushing yarn. I’m planning on experimenting with that this week in the hopes that I can offer a few at Metrocon this year for cosplayers. If all goes well I may be able to offer commissions of it in different colors, patterns, length, and animal type. I could be getting a little ambitious but we shall see!

What have you guys and gals been up to this weekend?

Green Book Characters Illustrated Meme

Good morning gals and guys!

Today is a hustle day! I’ve got two events and a lot of deadlines to meet in between so for today’s blog I’ll let some key characters of the Green Book cast do the talking. Have a great day!

OC Meme - Green Book Characters
OC Meme – Green Book Characters

Raffle Reminder

I apologize for my absence. I’ve been chasing sleep.

Remember I’m hosting another raffle!

For the longer, fuller spiel go to this journal: “Raffle – OC Meme – Art and/or Writing

This month’s raffle is all about celebrating your creations, introducing their world, and welcoming a whole new avenue for inspiration! Come grow the story you want to write or even simply flesh out more of your details with questions via meme and community interaction. You may even make some new friends to grow with! Some of my most prevalent friends here on dA I became friends with discussing our OCs.

***feel free to adapt any illustration meme to a written/journal meme and vice versa***


What can we win from the raffle?

You get a free commission from me! It can be fan art or original illustration of your OC.
The first drawn number will get a color sketch of two characters and a journal feature.
The second drawn number will get a color sketch of one character and one icon.
The third drawn winner will get one colored chibi.


This sounds interesting, how do I get started?

The required bit of this is simple: complete one of the memes linked (find the links in the journal linked above). You can complete the meme either by writing/journal or art and illustration. You don’t have to have a fancy art style or super edited writing, just have fun and complete the meme to the best of your ability while staying true to your OC personalities~

When you complete the meme show me on whatever host site you are on (deviantArt, Facebook, etc) I’ll add it to a contest folder and send you your raffle number via note! If you do a meme with a partner/double meme it counts as one entry for both yourself and your partner.


Try to link back to the original meme creators, after all, we wouldn’t be here without them!


What is the deadline? to complete the meme?/comment on other memes?

To complete the meme: Midnight of Friday May 27th 2016
To comment on memes: Midnight of Sunday May 29th 2016


When will the drawing be?

Saturday June 4th 2016
Time: 4pm Eastern Standard Time

I will host a live stream* for us to gather and interact live! You can save the link to my channel but I will post the link again on Facebook, DA, and Twitter. Stay tuned~

*You do not have to be present for the stream in order to win a slot at the raffle drawing*

Any questions or anything unclear please let me know and remember – have fun!!





Level Your Skills

I took a major leap towards doing something I have been wanting to do since about 9th grade and it was nothing short of exhilarating! I definitely want to get more involved to both learn and share knowledge in but it’s going to take some time to make the factors of people, situation, and money come together. However, now that I have the idea in my head it’ll probably tickle me until it comes into being, like when I felt it was time to get pet fish or when I wanted to teach horseback riding lessons or become a name for personalized art and jewelry.

you can see everyone but the dwarf frog
you can see everyone but the dwarf frog

It got me to thinking that since before I understood what a career was a young Kiri would think, ‘I want to learn everything!’ Now when I’m older I have the most fun when I am learning and experiencing something new (or something old in a new way). I learn the most surrounded by a positive atmosphere. I both want to be highly proficient in some areas and to be capable of executing a multitude of tasks. While I do already have a broad spectrum of knowledge I still come up feeling useless sometimes. After a while of pondering that I came to the following assessment:

Skill proficiency will never become obsolete even as machines take over a lot of our jobs. Examples? Take note that power fails even with generators, surge protectors, transfer switches, and the like. Any machine plugged in or operating on battery power will need maintenance. Those maintenance teams need to learn to read and write in order to understand manuals and make accurate reports. As people begin to rely more on autonomous machines their body language will become more automatic so learning to understand and navigate social circles will depend on your knowledge of people and their tell tale signs. Understanding your skills and how to relate it to people can help you a lot on a team as well.

Raffle Prize: Boys Night In

Every fantastic series you are watching right now no matter what it is (Arrow, Flash, Doctor Who, Gotham, Once Upon A Time) are all results of a team of highly skilled people, a lot of which worked very hard to get where they are now – some of them have been working for as long as we have been alive. My point is a great story takes many great characters put together by great writers and brought to life by great actors who are captured by great cameramen and producers who are then exonerfied by a great audience.

Do you have an idea in your head you want to bring into your life? Are you not able to earn enough money doing what you love for a living? So you have a certain hand of cards. Work with it. Take a day job, pay your bills, and in your spare time work on your passion. Start now. Every master had to start somewhere and one day someone – hopefully several someones – will want to pay to learn your knowledge. Sure, a lot of material is posted online but there will be those who learn best from hands on experience. Never settle. Let your spirit thrive and your energy reverberate as it does best when your heart and soul are happy.

Have a great weekend my dears!

Raffle Prize: Sarah Locke

Final Raffle Reminder!

Alright, guys and gals, this is the last two days chance to give me your feedback and get your entry in for the raffle I am drawing February 7th. Make sure to take the survey and leave your information before midnight the evening of January 31st. Remember, even if you are not interested in the raffle I would still appreciate your feedback – simply state at the end you do not want to be entered in the raffle or do not leave any contact information.



What is the deadline to complete the survey?

Midnight of Sunday January 31st 2016

When will the drawing be?

Sunday February 7th 2016 @ 5pm EST

I will host a live stream to finish the sketch you see of Swift and Kiara with this post. Please bookmark the “stream site” link above or simple reference any of these posts for the link. I will post it via Facebook, FA, DA, and Twitter on Sunday February 7th.

How many winners will be drawn?

Two numbers to corresponding winners will be drawn.

***If we get over 20 people taking the survey I’ll draw a third winner!***

How will you randomize the draw?

Once you complete the survey (linked above) I will give you an assigned number via the mode of contact you specify at the end of the survey. I keep these assignments on a chart. During the stream I have numbered foam balls which I will mix into a container and draw the winning numbers. I think I can switch to a camera view during the stream to show you.

***If I have not contacted you with your number before February 5th, please contact me (deviantArt, FurAffinity, or Facebook are best)*** 

Great! How do I get started? 

Follow the link above to the survey and after you have finished, leave me the appropriate information at the end as prompted. . If you found the survey via deviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, or Furaffinity you can leave me your screen name – be sure to tell me which site you are on so I’m not searching on all my member sites for your screen name please!

Your name will not be linked to your survey responses – all answers are anonymous and I will not be able to tell who left what response unless you inform me so in the survey content.

What art can we win from the raffle?

You get a free commission from me! It can be a one character fan art or original illustration of your OC. The first winner gets TWO characters, the second gets ONE. If a third winner can be drawn per the standards above the prize is a chibi. Style examples are as follows:

Seeking Solace
Unicorn Chibis
Horse Gal Pals
Gift Art: THS Walker Wallaby
Howl of the Byre Banshee


I’ll see you next week for a regular post and I hope you’re having a lovely weekend~