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Trees and Foxes

Okay my dears this week is just a quick art update! Also, as a reminder, SaS has officially settled into updates for every other week. You can read it on Tumblr or deviantArt. For information on when the next post will be up just scroll down to the comments on dA!

Tree Sketches
Tree Sketches

I didn’t realize I missed drawing trees so much until I was asked to recently.

original fox character
original fox character

Make a note of this fox character. You will see her again. You may have seen something of her already in a previous post. Where is the rest of it? Patience sweeties, spoilers~

Much love and have a great weekend!

Simple Updates

Not too much this week my dears. I’m settling into a new position of work and straightening out my calendar. The biggest update I have for you is that first off, next week’s post will have a bit about koi fish coloring, and second, if you have not heard, the updates for my webcomic Sugar&Salt have been changed to every other Tuesday.

When I started the comic I thought I would have more back log to accommodate for every day changes but it simply turns out I did not and spending every day after work working on strips was taking away from a part of my live that I love: being active. My main external goal for this comic is to share fun and wisdom. Internally if I’m not having fun I will not do it. So, in an effort not to burn out, the next strip update will be September 29. Until then I know there are a ton of other webcomics available that you can distract yourself with in the mean time. If you cannot find any let me know. I have a massive arsenal of recommendations.

Remember to laugh and enjoy the fall season guys and gals!

Quick Jog by PascalCampion
Quick Jog by PascalCampion

To those north of us, I am platonically jealous that your trees are painting the landscape with beautiful colors~

Sugar and Salt webcomic is up!

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 11.19.23 AM

My webcomic started updates last week!

Sugar & Salt is a web comic written and illustrated by yours truly. It is in part a slice-of-life part fiction embedded with bits of wisdom and conflicts we humans struggle with – but mostly it’s about laughter and finding your own way to navigate the tough, silly, and sometimes absurd moments in life. All you need is a bit of imagination. Tiny voices in your head (Aspects) are not required~

What are the Aspects? I can’t tell you that right now – spoilers! However, I will share that they’re the side main cast to Amara (the main character who you saw in this past week’s strip) and will have a prominent presence to her thoughts and actions in the comic.

Not only will you see what the every-day Amara gets up to but I’ll also be throwing in her antics and gaming shenanigans – some of which I’m sure you’ve already seen in previous strips I tested out styles and shading in.

You can read the comic via Tumblr or deviantArt. Updates will be released on Facebook and Twitter.

Comic Plans Update Plus

Okay guys, sorry about last week, and I’m still wrapped up with packing. However, here’s a quick update on plans for that comic I was telling you I’d be starting:

Sugar and Salt comic – updates staritng August 18, 2015

These are some of the main characters, you’ll see them often! Mer-boy will be explained in time, I promise. Ah, I am so excited to share this series with you~

Also some new work! I really miss working with the Green Book but I still need to let it sit for a bit. There are a few more things I should work out before I touch it again.

“Speak No Truth” by Kiri Ramdeo

Have a lovely weekend my dear guys and gals and I’ll see you for a more substantial update soon~