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Come see me at Metrocon in Tampa~

Thursday morning and the first person I meet is Anna of Grandmother Clock!! What are the odds? Found Amy (Blasians Creed) and Tiffany again this year plus I’m meeting lots of new and wonderful people.

Let’s share a fun experience – come by the booth! I have metallic red and blue balloons at the ends of my booth. I want pictures with you~


I’m glad the masquerade masks did well. People seemed to enjoy what they purchased! I’ll be doing these masks every year so if there is a particular character or design you would like to see make sure to let me know so I can get a head start for you!


Lots more pictures to come, my loves. I hope you’re having a good weekend~

Next week is Metrocon!

This usually the time to start freaking out, especially when I have to finish inventory, spray masquerade masks, update with location (table A16 or 18 – there will be a balloon with my table number) and pack the suitcases. So much left to do, so little time!

There will be no post content today, guys and gals. Next week look for some pictures from the convention in progress OR if you’re in Tampa come to the downtown convention center! We’ll hang out, dress up, see a cool chess match – it’ll be fun!

some of the masks that will be available at Metrocon 2015

Metrocon Home Page

My 2014 Metrocon Experience

Hey guys and gals!

First off, if you found this blog from my business card at Metrocon, welcome! It was wonderful meeting you at Metrocon and I hope to see you at another convention this year! Which ones are you going to? Leave a comment below, on my Facebook artist page, or my deviantArt page! I update this blog weekly on Saturdays. Hopefully soon I will be moving to bi-weekly posts. I’m also on Twitter and Tumblr. Click on the “About…” tab above to be linked to my other accounts!

The following post is a highlight account of my time at Metrocon last weekend with a cute recount story at the end. To see the entire album of my photos please visit my Facebook artist page, linked above.

That said, getting back into my art and attending Metrocon this year was so much fun! It was so busy and there were so many people but I loved every minute of it and I’ll definitely aim to be there again next year!

Metrocon Friday 2014
Metrocon Friday 2014

Frida was a little hectic, putting my new display stand together, organizing prints, cutting out a few more masks, adjusting prices – but I had great neighbors all around, and even reconnected with a great table neighbor I met last year! As you can see above from the first day I featured masquerade masks for the Fantasy Masquerade Ball hosted on Friday each year. There was another table selling masquerade masks next to me and she had beautiful feathers and sparkles on her masks, as well as sticks to hold them up in case you were wearing glasses or had a delicate hair do to keep in tack. Some of my designs were pre made, attendees could purchase a flat color and design one themselves, or custom order one from me. A lot of people enjoyed designing their own! However, I forgot to take pictures. Next time~ Two of the best custom designs were of Ichigo’s hollow mask from Bleach and a black demon mask with long spikes that dropped down over the wearer’s cheeks. I learned something else for the masks this year – how to retrofit mask designs to eyeglasses! That’s right, you read correctly. There were a few people wearing glasses who wanted masks and I cut slits in the sides just so the mask would fit inside the glasses for them. I’ve an idea for next year regarding that – you’ll have to wait and see!

Leftover Masks Metrocon 2014
Leftover Masks Metrocon 2014

Saturday was the day for convention attendees to break out their costumes! If you can only attend the convention for one day Saturday is the day to go. It’s a full day of costumes, games, art, crafts, and fun! I met so many people there. The old friends who stopped by and new ones I met made the experience even better than the last year!

My dad came to help me with the table~
My dad came to help me with the table~

Several of you stopped by and asked about hypoallergenic jewelry. Unfortunately I’d run out of my hypoallergenic hooks before the convention but I am ordering more. If you order jewelry from me online You will notice that there is a note in the description to notify me if you need hypoallergenic hooks. I am more than happy to exchange out the hooks on the earrings for you. The other metal parts on charms include tibetan silver, bronze alloy, etc. The stones I use are natural earth stones or crystal. I use a wide variety of materials to craft the pieces below.

I make earrings, keychains, bracelets, ear cuffs, necklaces, anklets, and more!
I make earrings, keychains, bracelets, ear cuffs, necklaces, anklets, and more!

Sunday was a great wind down day. I participated in a few art trades, purchased some goodies, and exchanged contact information with new friends! This was also a kids day at the convention. This is something new from last year which the convention organizers carried over as it was a success. It featured games, face painting, and pictures for kids day! It was on this day that the story at the end of this post occurs. I think it’s a great way to promote acceptance and involvement for both the convention participants (costumers, attendants, artists) and the general public who may not know or understand what it is we are so excited about. A convention to me is not just about the fans or the art, crafts, comics, guests, etc. it’s also about meeting so many wonderful people who have so many different areas of expertise all coming together to work together – to grow and improve – and enjoy every minute of it! It’s a similar energy and atmosphere that I feel when I am around many horses and many types of horse people.

Cosplayers Photos by Roocke Entertainment Cosplay
Photos by Roocke Entertainment Cosplay

The neighbor behind me was Amy Ellis. She designs chibis of your favorite characters and they’re available as collectable stickers! Go check out her Etsy shop! She’s in the process of making it over but in the mean time you can find her on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter! Just search her name~

Amy Ellis from A. Ellis Creations
Amy Ellis Amy managed her A. Ellis Creations table in the row directly at my back! Shenanigans!

I also met Anna Douglas who has Grandmother Clock! They make plushes, hats, and all sorts of other goodies! Grandmother Clock had a pair of the greatest costume sets at the convention. You should see Anna’s cosplay of GLaDOS! I didn’t get a picture of it this time but I’m sure I’ll be seeing Anna again~

Anna (as Fiona from Adventure Time), myself (partial Yoruichi from Bleach), and Jason (Magic Man from Adventure Time) Grandmother Clock
Anna (as Fiona from Adventure Time), myself (partial Yoruichi from Bleach), and Jason (Magic Man from Adventure Time)
Anna and Jason managed Grandmother Clock’s table next to me!

There are so many more photos I wish I could fit in here. Please take a look at my album (linked above) and the Metrocon page albums on Facebook. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Heidi who helps all the artist settle in. She helps manage the events along with Alex Craddock.
Heidi who helps all the artist settle in. She helps manage the events along with Alex Craddock.

Do you want to hear a story? I guarantee you that if you stop anyone in costume and ask for a picture they would be only too happy to oblige you. The table I was situated at had a view over a row of doors and windows and was right next to the bridge to the hotel. A gal dressed in a beautiful Elsa from Frozen costume was making her way out to the hotel and I saw a mother pulling a little girl after her. She was waving her arms and running as fast as her daughter could go, calling out, “Wait wait!” with a camera in hand. Elsa turned to look over her shoulder and that was it. An illustration idea was born. It’ll be up soon on my deviantArt page!

Oh the lovely reaps of a convention~  From left to right we have: 1. chibi stickers by Amy (linked earlier in post) 2. hair clip and phone charm from Practical Futilities 3. Sesshomaru print from Real Dandy Art
Oh the lovely reaps of a convention~
From left to right we have:
1. chibi stickers by Amy (linked earlier in post)
2. hair clip and phone charm from Practical Futilities
3. Sesshomaru print from Real Dandy Art

See you at the next convention! Until then, go have an adventure!

First Day at Metrocon 2014!

Good morning everyone! Here’s an update on my first day of Metrocon this year! It’s my second year selling arts and crafts at this convention and Friday I featured masquerade masks! Some masks were pre made, custom designs were available, and several people purchased blanks to design their own patterns! I will say the most fun I had making the masks were custom fitting the masks to stay on glasses and the custom orders (I was so busy I forgot to take pictures of the custom masks. Maybe I’ll recreate some of them.)

a masks to post

a to post 2


If you’re in the area it’s free to visit the convention center and walk down the artist alley where I am set up. I’d love to meet you in person!

Metrocon Update and Completed Art

Hey guys and gals! So it is official, I will be selling art, jewelry, and other crafts at Metrocon in Tampa next weekend! I’m so excited I had a dream about it last night. I have some new prints ordered, a fresh display, artisan jewelry, division two’s captain’s jacket from Bleach, and some other goodies! Entry is free, you can attend panels and purchase art and knickknacks at the Artist Alley , take pictures with costumers, and more! However you will need to purchase a pass if you want to visit the large vending room or watch stage events like the human chess match. If you are in the area come stop by – I’ll be at table G20 (click the link to see a map). I will have a diagram up for you. Once my merchandise arrives I’ll post some picture of it for you to see. Keep an eye out here, my deviantArt gallery, or my Facebook page to keep updated!

For now here’s a look a my most recently completed pieces! They are prize art for the two first place winners of a costume and flash literature contest held by “The OC Consortium” on deviantArt.

Prizeart for IckleVoldiePoo
“Pixie” Prize Art for IckleVoldiePoo

Full color and line art~

“Charlotte and Pumpkin Pie” Prize Art for MeoAgcat

Detailed shading illustration~

Remember guys and gals, even a small step is a move forward to head towards what you want. You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step – go with it and trust yourself to handle what happens along the way. Until next week, have some fun!

Minimal Update

I’m not doing much this week. Spent most of it sick so I was sleeping it off and editing a futuristic novel I finished years ago. Speaking of stories, there are a few more stories in the Kaleidoscope series however I will only be publishing one more for this year and then I will be shutting down the series for a while. You may have read before that the purpose of the series was to help me overcome the hesitation to start self-publishing and I believe it is adequate to say that it has indeed accomplished its goal. Nevertheless, I am not adverse to publishing more art pieces of its characters but I believe there is other written work that deserves my attention (and spreading myself too thin on projects leaves less time to do them properly).

As far as arts I’ve started a few more prints, I plan on participating in a holiday card project, I assembled a few earrings, and I possibly have an artist’s table for the opening year at Evil Con in January 3-5 of 2014! Possibly. It’ll be hosted at the Sheraton Tampa East hotel. The theme for their first convention is Villany! For more information about the convention visit the site via the link above. For more information on the table, well, I’ll know for sure by December 20th if I’m going or not.

Until then, I’ll just go ahead and leave these here for now~

Link to my Storenvy Shop where you can purchase prints! Other crafts (i.e. rings, earrings, paintings, sculptures, etc.) coming soon~

I also have an artist page on Facebook. Like it to access exclusive discounts in the future! Kiri Ramdeo’s Facebook Artist Page

These are a mixed collection of post card sized prints I will be offering in bundle packages soon on my Storenvy shop! Keep an eye out for the post announcing their availability!
These are a mixed collection of post card sized prints I will be offering in bundle packages soon on my Storenvy shop! Keep an eye out for the post announcing their availability!

Metrocon Artist Alley 2013

Hey guys n gals!

It’s been a while, ey? I’ve been rather caught up in artwork, especially after I set up a table to sell a variety of items in the Artist Alley at Metrocon earlier this year. I do owe you a post about my experience at the artist alley as it is.

I have been attending Metrocon in Tampa for about four years now but it is a whole different experience from the other side of an artist/vendor table. First off are the hours. I know that convention attendees pull amazing stints when blending their waking hours, and as an attendee I respect that a lot of people can survive the three to four day stretch without falling over every two seconds by closing ceremonies of the last day. However, the hours spent by the artists, vendors, and performers [traveling to the center (if you don’t have a hotel room nearby), setting up a table/booth/performance/stage, and remaining attentive throughout the day to perform] is a type of energy separate from that of an attendee. This year at Metrocon the busy hour picked up especially early in comparison with the previous years and there was a surprise rush only midway through the first day! As such, with all the questions I was answering and promotion I was doing my throat was sore by the end of the first day. Goodness!

Day 1 Table Setup

Day 1 Table Setup

This is the first convention I have managed a table where I was selling my own work. I was fortunate enough to have the help of two artists in the alley with me. Sena and Arcana Major were invaluable to my first experience at a convention and helped make the event a positive one. They shared tips with me about printing, booking artist tables, and we shared drawing supplies when in a pinch. I found that most artists I met in the alley were like this: cheerful, positive, and helped each other (as far as set up and tips) like one big team. It was just as well because locating my table on the first day I was full of nerves –  a combination of apprehension (would I sell anything?), excitement for finally taking the steps to spread my name and work, and disbelief that I was finally here. After months of planning, changing my mind, and years of putting together artwork I was finally here! My main goals for this convention were to at least show my work, note which designs pulled the most attention, and distribute my business cards and a free Kaleidoscope story, Ointment (also available for free online). At most I was hoping to break even on the cost of reserving a full table.

The display for each day was different. Above you can see the set up for the first day where I was concentrating on producing masquerade masks. Starting in 2007, Metrocon began hosting an interactive Fantasy Masquerade Ball on Friday evening. This event requires a separate ticket and a masquerade mask for entrance. The pickings for masquerade masks at the convention were slim, and usually expensive so I offered a cheaper alternative: simple curved masks ranging from five to seven dollars. It only took me fifteen minutes to make a mask so I could custom design and color them in time for the ball. I had promised a unique mask to someone on the Facebook Metrocon site the evening before, but I’d forgotten the name of the commissioner. I set out the mask in hopes that they would remember and lo and behold, halfway through the first day he showed up. It was none other than the man running and presenting the Fantasy Masquerade Ball himself – imagine my surprise!

For the second day my father and I managed to procure do-it-yourself shelving that we could assemble and display my artwork on. This day was one of the busiest with the crowds of people traveling the aisles of the artist alley so thick they were almost stand still lines. Most of my business cards were taken that day and I hope people were easily able to find my deviantArt page as well as this blog.

Day 2 Table Set Up
Day 2 Table Set Up

The third and final day was the busiest of all. Events were a little slow to start in the morning and the crush of last day purchases started on a steady rise. When I ran out of business cards I started writing my deviantArt address on the back of purchased prints. Depending on the amount of prints a patron purchased I also gave them a left over mask with similar notations for free. The big crunch came in the last two and a half hours when other artists were packing up and the items on my table were more visible. Going into the convention I was worried that people would not want to buy original prints but so many of my original works sold that my apprehension was quickly diminished. In fact, there were a trio of pictures related to a long work I was doing and many patrons purchased these three together. Upon discovering that the pictures were related they were excited to locate my stories online! The trio of prints are Under the Snow, Caught, and Through the Fire.

Day 3 Setup 1
Day 3 Setup 1
Day 3 Set Up 2
Day 3 Set Up 2

Several friends of mine who were also attending the convention came by to visit. I was able to capture some of them in costume on the first and third days of the convention. You can see them pictured below!

Group shot The Doctor and Jack Harkness

I do intend to attend more conventions in the future, and I’ll announce them here on the blog as soon as I know where I will be displaying and selling my work! In the mean time, I will be working on commissions. If you are interested in the prints I have available or if you would like to commission me, please feel free to contact me on any of my alternate accounts or via email:

I look forward to working with you!