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Writing Snippets

This week has been so busy I’m not sure I have full power left for a detailed post this week.

My laptop was out of commission for a few days when the charger died. Luckily a new one came in quickly and I was able to get back to work. As such I am a little behind on completing art for a card project for Christmas. I am going to try to participate in deviantArt’s Holiday Card Project this year. I have a fun idea for a design but the deadline is approaching fast so I’ve got to crack down on a few deadlines.

A few weeks ago I told you I would be publishing one more story in my Kaleidoscope Series and would then be halting publication and work on the series for a while. This is still true. While I had to push back the final work on it into December, it will be out before the end of 2013. I am looking into making a simpler cover. I’d love to hear your opinion on the series and characters anytime though! Please check out the series on my Smashwords or Amazon Kindle store. You can interact with the story on the Ask Kaleidoscope Tumblr site and leave me a message there as well!

I’ve completed an article about a small showing that I helped Linda Owens set up in New Port Richey last month. We are trying to get it published in a magazine first before I reveal much more about it on any of my accounts. If you’re a fan of horse art – most especially the American Saddlebred – I highly suggest taking a look at her work. She is a talented artist who delves into many areas of art, such as jewelry, sculptures, paintings, etc.

I am also crafting earrings and preparing groupings of postcard sized prints for sale on my online shop. More information about them to come soon!

That’s it for this week. If you would like to see more short snippets of my writing, please go to my deviantArt gallery where there is a short, incomplete, and experimental series called “Storm Goddess” you can access free of charge!

Minimal Update

I’m not doing much this week. Spent most of it sick so I was sleeping it off and editing a futuristic novel I finished years ago. Speaking of stories, there are a few more stories in the Kaleidoscope series however I will only be publishing one more for this year and then I will be shutting down the series for a while. You may have read before that the purpose of the series was to help me overcome the hesitation to start self-publishing and I believe it is adequate to say that it has indeed accomplished its goal. Nevertheless, I am not adverse to publishing more art pieces of its characters but I believe there is other written work that deserves my attention (and spreading myself too thin on projects leaves less time to do them properly).

As far as arts I’ve started a few more prints, I plan on participating in a holiday card project, I assembled a few earrings, and I possibly have an artist’s table for the opening year at Evil Con in January 3-5 of 2014! Possibly. It’ll be hosted at the Sheraton Tampa East hotel. The theme for their first convention is Villany! For more information about the convention visit the site via the link above. For more information on the table, well, I’ll know for sure by December 20th if I’m going or not.

Until then, I’ll just go ahead and leave these here for now~

Link to my Storenvy Shop where you can purchase prints! Other crafts (i.e. rings, earrings, paintings, sculptures, etc.) coming soon~

I also have an artist page on Facebook. Like it to access exclusive discounts in the future! Kiri Ramdeo’s Facebook Artist Page

These are a mixed collection of post card sized prints I will be offering in bundle packages soon on my Storenvy shop! Keep an eye out for the post announcing their availability!
These are a mixed collection of post card sized prints I will be offering in bundle packages soon on my Storenvy shop! Keep an eye out for the post announcing their availability!

Kaleidoscope Plug

This week’s post is exactly that. I am trying to get more attention to this interactive series of shorts that will be coming to a close in about another 3-6 stories. The Kaleidoscope series was a starter series, meant to help me brave the self-publishing world. For me, starting was the hardest part and I did not want to put out any of my longer works first – I just was not ready to see them go. Instead, I have this short series that started as a study on human interactions, relationships, and body language (the subtleties of communication). Everything the characters do has almost as much importance as what they say.

How is the series interactive? It’s simple: you can interact with the characters and even influence the story lines by going to its tumblr blog: Ask Kaleidoscope where you can read extra material about the characters and submit questions, comments, and requests. Go check it out!

Here are the stories out so far (and none of them will cost you more than $1.00!) as well as a preview of the next story.

Ark arrived home from a foray into the high speed life of modeling with a whole new definition of life scarring. Can his adoptive family find a way to cheer him up?

This is the first story in the Kaleidoscope series and is available only on Smashwords – but it’s FREE! Click on the image to be taken to my Smashwords store~

Raylan has left Kaleidoscope to complete his investigative internship, though he cheats a tad: he has the ability to transform into a wolf and heighten his sense of smell by 10,000! Though Raylan is trying to move forward with his life the past calls to him on one particular case and he struggles to keep focused. Will he find the hostage in time or will he be haunted by the one he couldn’t save?

Click on the image to go to the Smashwords store for the second story in the series, or buy it for your Kindle on Amazon!

It has been two years since the rescue in the cabin when the memory of the past reared its ugly head. Now Raylan has received a demand letter and this one is personal. Back home in Kaleidoscope there is a new arrival. What brings her to the valley in the mountains? In the mean time, Anise catches an upsetting broadcast on the news at work and immediately calls Ark. Will she be able to reach him?

Click on the image to go to the Smashwords store for the third story in the series, or buy it for your Kindle on Amazon!

Anise and Raylan have returned to Kaleidoscope but Raylan’s mother has laid out another plan for him. He seems willing to stay to search for the woman who saved his cousin’s life years ago. While he wades back into the clan Anise and Raylan’s younger brother are kidnapped and pulled into a power play between two of Kaleidoscope’s prominent familial organizations. Will Raylan find them in time?

Click on the image to go to the Smashwords store for the fourth story in the series, or buy it for Kindle on Amazon!

Finally, the next Kaleidoscope story will be available in November. Here’s a preview of the cover in progress:

walls of the keep preview

“Walls of the Keep” will feature Jaeda and Ark. That’s all for now, kids!

Until next week, happy exploring!

Informal Update II

Well, guys and gals, just a quick update on things I’m working on at the moment.

Art: My latest commission is finished! The only dilemma now is getting it to print properly with as many colors alive in it on gloss paper as I see on screen. This is a common problem with print artists who must rely on printers they cannot change the settings for and can be caused by a number of reasons. The most prominent problem is that when working on a computer monitor your light source is a backlight versus when the image you are working on is printed, whether it be digital art or a photographic work, the light is from an external source. Another possibility is that the printer in question may be color correcting. If you’re suffering the same problem I recommend an internet search, and try to speak with the people at the place where you are doing your printing at. If you have your own printer and are still having this issue start playing with the settings. According to my research and situation I have applied several different screen layers in Photoshop and I am hoping one of them will print out correctly. This is a technique I discovered on another blog site. I will make another attempt at printing the commission and let you know how it turns out.

Kaleidoscope: The entire series so far is available on my Smashwords store. The first story, Ointment, is available to read for free and I am currently working on the fifth installment, Walls of the Keep. You can also interact with the characters and storyline on the tumblr blog I have set up: Ask Kaleidoscope. Please feel free to ask the characters questions! For each character you ask I will submit a quick sketch of them with a reply. Maybe you’ll get luck and I’ll post a short comic strip of them. Go find out! Would you like to know more about the series from me? Directions your questions to me on that site!

Horses: my next lesson is this Thursday but I am learning a lot by being around horse-people and reading as much equine literature as I can. I do have an equine-based story in development where I am attempting to implement equine behavior, riding tips, and training hints throughout. Currently this work is a background piece. Back on the topic of horses: you will find that the more you place yourself in the presence of the things you like to do, the people you like spending time with, new avenues open up and you’ll discover possibilities that will enable you to keep doing this. What’s the best that can happen? You’ll find something worth fighting for – for yourself – and that will enable you to draw light to yourself. What about the worst thing? Well, you’ll find what you that was amazing is not something worth fighting for – but do not despair too quickly. That just means there is something else out there you may be willing to metaphorically punch back for.

Glory Kiri Odie

Next week I promise you an equine-related blog. How’s that? Enough of this indoors-y stuff, ey?

Happy exploring~

Artistic Pieces in Progress

First of all I would like to extend a thank you to the regular followers of this blog, as well as a belated welcome to new followers of this blog! If you found me via my business card from Metrocon it’s nice to be able to connect with you again! I am not currently signed up for more conventions at the moment but the minute I am I will post it to every site I am linked to to keep you in the loop! If you found me just from browsing the web or any of my other sites I’m glad to have you here~

There comes a time when every creator just has to put his or her head down and charge through work, whether it is one complex piece or several different works. During that time the creator may be unreachable and may also withdraw socially for a period of time. Please keep in mind we are trying to make something out of nothing and even for those with talent it is harder than it sounds, so welcome us back and understand that we do not aim our absence at you, we only march as best as we can to the beat of a drum pounding away in our minds. When we march well that is what produces the works you admire in our galleries and hopefully on your walls, in your music players, etc. That said, this is why I have been busy for the past few weeks:

works in progress
works in progress
animal trainer wip

Click on the images to be linked to a larger version.

Some of these are commission pieces, some are just original works I am finally getting to work on. I am also editing the next Kaleidoscope short story: Walls of the Keep. This piece is about Jaeda and Ark: they meet for the first time and you see if Ark is ready to come out of the shell he built around himself after the incident with Kendra. I have not currently designed the cover for it – who would you like to see this time?

You should also check out the Tumblr site I set up for Kaleidoscope! There you can see art of the characters and ask questions about the world and story. If you have a character you’d like to see more involved in the stories you can express so there – for example, who would like to know more about Raylan’s cousin, Chloe? Want to give your input on future cover designs? Send me a message on the Kaleidoscope Tumblr site! You can even send questions to the characters and they will respond to you on the site, isn’t that cool? Check out Ask Kaleidoscope now!

Remember, if you’re interested in any prints or commissioning me please feel free to contact me! I am still currently working on setting up an online store as well as a price range chart (I am rearranging the format to make it easy to interpret). If you are interested please contact me via email: For any other inquiries feel free to leave a message here or on my art site. All links are available on my “About” page.

Until next time, go have an adventure! Then come back and tell me about it, ey?

missed two weeks

First of all, sorry for being absent without an explanation. Things have been rather hectic.

I helped spend two days last week fighting for the life of a rescue horse at the equestrian center where I volunteer. At the end of those two days we had to put her down. She was severely emaciated and had been off her feet for too long so her back legs were not responding even when we tried to get her up in a sling. When you become involved in the lives of animals, and especially rescues, the loss of just one you’ve helped nurse impacts you greatly. Some cried, some withdrew for days, I went a little numb for the rest of the week. I had bouts of wanting to be smothered in hugs to wanting to be desolate, alone. I have been around death before but this was different for me. I love horses with all of my heart. I love being around them, I love riding and working them, I love learning about them. Spending almost every hour of two days fighting for one that had to leave us in the end was physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

This week I am fighting through the tangle of the next Kaleidoscope piece. I ended up combining three short stories into a longer piece for “Fire Concoction” and I like the result much better. In this story we see Raylan return to Kaleidoscope but is he ready to stay this time? Will he find the girl who helped save Chloe’s life years ago? While he muddles through this Anise is kidnapped along with Raylan’s younger brother, swept along for a ride involving two major playing groups of Kaleidoscope. The released date for “Fire Concoction” is June 19, 2013. It’s under a final review and I am developing a book cover.

Would you like me to design a book cover for your work? I am accepting commissions and if you are interested please email me at

The Kaleidoscope series has a few more stories to go and then I will be shutting it down temporarily. I am still working on other projects and I will upload their descriptions here soon. If you like my writing I will be continuing this blog and will still be publishing stories. Keep your eye on this blog site and my Twitter account for updates.

Until next time, keep thinking positive thoughts, draw all that good towards you, and take care, guys n gals~

appearing in “Fire Concoction”

Delayed Publication

Hey guys and gals,

Unfortunately this week I must announce that I have to delay the publication of “Fire Concoction” for a week. I fully intended to be uploading it tonight and made available for purchase tomorrow across my book stores but as fate would have it there were some priorities I had to switch to the forefront of my schedule this past week. As such I’ve been struggling with the cover image and the last bit of edits for “Fire Concoction.”

That said, this next Kaleidoscope story is going to be longer than its predecessors. Anise and Raylan have returned to Kaleidoscope but will they stay? Anise is confronted with an old reoccuring nightmare from her past, reawakening her to questions she is determined to find answers to. A summons from Raylan’s clan head and the protection of his cousin Chloe is enough to drag him home but is it enough to make him stay? Will he find any clues to locating the girl who helped save his cousin so many years ago or will he be forced to search outside Kaleidoscope’s borders?

One of my goals with Kaleidoscope is to explore the body language and the interactions between a certain group of people. When more of the series is out I’ll give you a little insight to the research that goes on behinds the scenes for this particular series but for now just enjoy the stories as they are. They’re short with the understanding that you have a busy life and may only be able to spare a short time on break or between tasks to read.

Have any questions about Kaleidoscope or the characters? Post them on the Kaleidoscope Tumblr blog and I’ll answer them! You do not have to be a member to post questions or view the site.

Now, it is time for me to return to edits but here is a teaser work in progress shot of a print I am working on:


and off I go. I’ll be back next week with news on “Fire Concoction”‘s publication and an animal story for you! Until them, take care, and happy adventuring~

sorting music and new business cards

Hey guys and gals,

I just spent longer than I should have sorting through copious new music files. Over the years I’ve acquired a lot of music and while I am aware there are plenty of people out there with music players far more loaded than my own over 2,000 songs of music that I like in such a wide variety is a lot – and the list doesn’t even include all the songs I like listening to, let alone artists.

You see, my music files contain songs that I like just because, parody songs, and then there are the songs from games and such that I’ve enjoyed. On top of that there are playlists I sort them into, several of which are themed for when I’m writing in a particular tone. Do you do this too? Perhaps you have a playlist for when you’re working, painting, sculpting, designing, etc.

That aside my last week has been rather busy. I’ve acquired several possible commissions (I’ve to discuss details further with the clients) and I’m preparing the next Kaleidoscope piece for publication. The next story in the series is entitled “Fire Concoction” and deals primarily with the character Raylan. This short in particular is  following whether or not the moody detective in training decides to stay in Kaleidoscope or not. You see, his mother Esera likes to keep him under thumb for reasons that will be revealed in the piece. It’s due out next week, hopefully uploaded and set for you to download on Wednesday evening!

As far as art I have not had a chance to do terribly much except for a concept equine piece and a minor print available on my art site:

Heal by AmaraInsevi

The concept for this piece is obvious to me, but what does it mean to you? If you click on the picture, you will be linked to my art site where you can see the process I used to compose the picture in my gallery under the “WIPs and Tutorials” folder.

Earthy Dapple by AmaraInsevi, print available just click on the picture

Also recall that I ordered business cards recently and they came in at the beginning of this month! Let me know what you think:

post cards (front & back above), business cards (back & front below)

That’s it for this week, guys n gals. Remember to try something new this week. Maybe write a journal entry, go sky diving, dance outside in the rain, or you could make a new friend/speak to a stranger. Life can be an adventure but the adventure is only what you make of it. Always always remember to celebrate your small accomplishments too, not just your huge victories. Be your own morale booster!

Take care, and happy trails until next week~

Changing Titles?

I’ve started on the post about working with disabled individuals on horseback for next week but this week I’d like to just notify you of some changes happening around here.

Since I began taking a more serious attitude towards publishing my art and stories online I’ve started trying to stick to a single alias and site title name. You can see from following the links to my other sites (which I have made available to you in my “About…” page) have my name in the URL address for the most part. The titles of the sites are where the misalignment occurs: on my art site my artist name is “Amara Insevi” which is a pen name I used to use in college. It’s related in part to a character name from when I played an online MMORPG. On my Tumblr site the title on the page is “Amaranthine Rain” which is similar to the title of the the blog “Amaranth Curiosity,” which I wrote on before this one. The amaranth both of those titles base in the translation of my name (which you can also see in the “Amara” of my dA site). Clearly there is a link and I want to keep it consistent so it is as easy as possible to find and identify me across the platforms I use.

Now, I realize that between publishing a short series called Kaleidoscope based in a city entitled Kaleidoscope and then having this blog with Kaleidoscope in the title may become rather confusing. At least, to me it is confusing as I’d think this blog should pertain only to the story series when clearly it is not. As such, I want to change the title of this blog. So, if you see the title bar at the top altering over the course of this month do not be too alarmed. I hope to have everything set and squared away before May rolls around this year. Until then I’ll be fidgety, scribbling names on papers, muttering to myself in conversation and weirding out the people around me in general. Oh wait, I do that regardless. I’m told it’s amusing.

Here comes the part where I ask for your input: I am looking to getting my own main site, also hopefully in time for May. Should I have a standard “”? Some part of Amara Insevi included? Would that be confusing? I look forward to your response!

This is for you, my pretties:

Ask Kaleidoscope is a tumblr site where you can become more involved with the characters of the Kaleidoscope series! I set up this tumblr site around the same time I started working on the series. It’s a place where extra Kaleidoscope character art will go up, and also where you can ask the characters questions and see their responses. I’ll even draw you pictures of them responding – short comics or memes if you well. Go check it out!

a piece I’m entering into a contest this week

I’m still feeling a winter scene so there will probably be another like this. I’m also feeling Green Book vibes to write, which means new art for it is not far behind.

Until next week, happy trails~

Kaleidoscope’s “New Grounds” is out!

The next Kaleidoscope series short story is out! Here’s a teaser image of the cover I designed and painted.


You can download it from my Smashwords store or my Amazon Kindle store.

This short story features the four (five including the dog) main driving characters of the series which to me means the four main characters the series was founded on. I could technically wait and publish a book of these stories but I liked the idea of publishing them individually. This way they’re more suited for those who just want a little tidbit in their busy schedule or who don’t have an attention span for a long work. Eventually I may publish collections of this work or a new longer work with the characters, but that will depend on the interest it garners in the future.

I’m currently working on a one page comic for a magazine submission, so wish me luck!

Until next week, guys and gals!