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Green Book Characters Illustrated Meme

Good morning gals and guys!

Today is a hustle day! I’ve got two events and a lot of deadlines to meet in between so for today’s blog I’ll let some key characters of the Green Book cast do the talking. Have a great day!

OC Meme - Green Book Characters
OC Meme – Green Book Characters

Green Book Update and Features!

Alright guys and gals, first off in the transposing process I’m up to chapter 9 of 15 transposed from the 300+ written pages to online format. That’s a lot of typing! I’m trying to take it slow to give my forearms adequate time to relax (the last thing I want is a burn out). I see a lot of things that are going to need to be adjusted and swapped around but I’m making a quick note and keeping on. The goal is to have everything transposed and then I will start fiddling with the book.

Art and jewelry commissions are still open! I take commissions for ear cuff sets (which you can see in the December section of this picture) and I am also offering special discounts for commissions throughout this year! Want to find out about the current rates, discounts, and get a special off on a Valentine’s Day gift for your friend or special someone? Check out my 2015 Themed Discounts journal!

Now, I’d like to highlight some of my awesome supporters:

"Dothan March Coloured Test 1" by SirRinge
“Dothan March Coloured Test 1” by SirRinge

I can’t remember what exactly caught me on to SirRinge but I remember being fascinated with his understanding for body armor – how if fit together, deviations of combinations, the variance in purpose and use between the different warriors he depicted. SirRinge has his own world simmering into being and shows parts of the planning in a journal and in the collections of his illustrations. Keep an eye on him.

Syndromax aka Max Petrosky
Syndromax aka Max Petrosky

I recently met Max (aka Syndromax) and upon discovering his compositions I was extremely enthralled with the balance in his work. I’ll put his music on for soothing, to write, or to draw to. No matter what it is I start moving unconsciously – tapping my feet, bobbing my head, dancing in my head while I lay out a new piece. The best thing I can tell you about Max’s work is simply this: You definitely want to come here for well balanced and electronic scores.

"Virgo Illustration" by Karin and Murielle Regnass
“Virgo Illustration” by Karin and Murielle Regenass

I’m more familiar with Karin personally but the Regenass sisters work together in a wonderful combination of skill to bring you illustrations that draw you into a story you know just just beneath the surface. The journey has been rough but their propensity for pushing limitations and metaphorical brick walls will definitely inspire you to keep moving forward. Each time I see their art or any of their developing work I become excited half for a piece I know is going to be great, and half to continue working on my own concepts. You can find them both on Facebook, on deviantArt (Marchands-De-Reves) – or click the image to be taken to their main website and portfolio!

Chest Capture by Alentrish
Chest Capture by Alentrish

Finally for today’s post I’d like to introduce Vicky (aka Alentrish). A little after I fell in love with Assassin’s Creed (sometime after I bought the first game) Alentrish and I found each other on dA. Picking through her gallery I found a mutual geek love for the Creed, skulls, and feathers. The metal chest picture above is one she found and decorated herself. Alas, this is not for sale. Alentrish has an affinity for a great many craft works including metal working, painting, feather wrapping and painting, accent decor, and (most recently) wire wrapping. I highly recommend you check out her work for trimmed artistic flare. You’re sure to find inspiration.

That’s it for this week! I will do more of these features periodically. Keep your eye out for new ones! Missed an old one? See more feature posts:

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My key weekly advice for you is to take time to walk your body. I found the inspirational editing seed for Green Book 2 (which is already written) walking through a park on a gentle wind in a clearing.

Keep exploring~

My Novel and its Art

I started writing the book featuring Kiara in high school. It was inspired by a friend of mine featuring four main characters which four of us invented. The most work I have ever done on the book was in high school, probably because my friends were a heavy influence on the writing. As I went through college I tried to edit and rewrite sections of the book. This resulted in several different versions of the story, none of which seemed to measure up to the first world I built for it. So I scrapped them, taking only the parts and characters I thought would be useful. After graduating I took up the task once again, this time, starting before the timeline I wrote from in high school and focusing on Kiara’s story. During the first installments of the book I went through a lot of flashbacks to help explain motivations for the characters and I thought it might be better to just write those through, perhaps turning it into a two or three part series. I know these sections are going to go through heavy editing later but it helps to have them laid out clearly now as I’m filling out her story.

One of the things that kept me excited about writing this book is the life in the illustrations either I or others did for it. Please keep in mind that these images are copyrighted by their respective owners and also that some of the designs have changed over time and between versions of the story. To see them larger, click on the image!

“Fiery Temper (and matching fists)” by Khezix
“Xirca: Desert Warrior” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Ti’Kara” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Xmas Sketch Gift: The Water Dragon” by Khezix
“Desert Born” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Escape” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Caught” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Study Date” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Ruin Walls” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Under the Snow” by Kiri Ramdeo
“Through the Fire” by Kiri Ramdeo
“At the Parting of Ways” by Kiri Ramdeo

What projects have you gotten yourself into lately?