costume sneak peak


Here’s a sneak peak at a costume project I worked on over the course of May. I progressed slowly by choice as this is the first time I made these costume pieces without a pattern. It’s done now but I’m waiting until I can take better pictures of it finished and in use before I post more photos. If you can see the partially covered diamond patch at the top corner and you are familiar with the manga-anime Bleach, you can deduct that this is a Division Two Haori that the shinigami captains wear. If not, if you do an image search for “Bleach captains” you’ll be able to find what the finished product should look like. The sharpie markers are metallics used for marking the black material on the undersides before I cut. I’ll post the whole process up here in about two weeks.

Until then, remember to try new things!


planned year projects

The official kick-off for this blog!


At the top left is the Green Book: Reference in which I write my plot ideas, character and culture development, kingdom and empire history, etc. for The Green Book, pictured above as the obvious green cover. The Green Book,  a placeholder title, is a novel I started in high school when urged by several good friends. I will not be giving any further information on it excepting select pieces of artwork and perhaps short experimental excerpts.

In the middle is Drawing Words & Writing Pictures by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. I’m intending to use this book in an independent study where I can improve on a skill of interpreting words into pictures, both for my own stories and comics, as well as potential work for others.

At the top right is She Flies Without Wings: How Horses Touch A Woman’s Soul by Mary D. Midkiff. I was gifted this book years ago but never finished it. As it turns out this book is rather insightful in the world of women and horses and, as a horse nerd, I should have read it several times over. As it is I only recently dug it out from the bottom of my collection. Now I am determined to get through it. Here we shall say it represents all the other horse nerd books I own but have yet to finish. May it serve as further motivation to get me back up in the saddle!

Finally there is a Canson Universal Sketch sketch book. I had to take a break with my art, both on a online site and in my every day life. I bought this book earlier this year and I’ve started working on my anatomy and style again.

I’m not expecting to speed through these projects and they are only a few of my goals for the year, including impending self publications for Kindle via Amazon. As to the timeline for these and other projects, I’ll keep you posted.