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Expressing in Your Style

Rant art. Vent art.

You may have seen these phrases before, especially if you watch the updates of artists on deviantArt, Tumblr, or any other art journaling site. Recall the characteristics I laid out in Creative Habits of Creative People part 1 and part 2 – that expression is almost a requirement of existing. When anyone hurts it is good for us to express how we feel. This can be communicating with someone we trust, creating a creative work (painting, writing, sculpting, singing, etc.) or using the energy to do something constructive (taking down drywall at a construction site, cleaning up a room, exercising, etc.).

“Above all, artists must not be only in art galleries or museums – they must also be present in all possible activities. The artist must be the sponsor of thought in whatever endeavor people take on, at every level.”   — Michaelangelo Pistoletto3

It may not be the same for everyone but if you ever feel so angry or hurt that your cells might shake apart on their own it is best that you let it out. Expressing it whether with others or privately is like expelling toxins from your body. If you think about it you’ll realize that you do this on a regular basis when you sweat and go to the bathroom.

When you take in food and drink you are putting fuel in your body. Your body processes the intake, breaks it down into what it can use to nourish you, and then expels the waste1. Keeping too many toxins in poisons your body, reduces functionality and prevents you from performing at your best. Whatever waste it cannot expel is stored in fat2. Over the course of a day we can take in a lot of experiences. Over the course of a week those experiences multiply especially on a busy day. Anything negative that you experiences that you do not let go can stick around and bother you from the background. It can build resentment and influence how you deal with others who are and are not at all directly related to the experience. The longer you hold it in, the more it can poison you. Some people do not even realize they do this. Sometimes we have to help point it out. It is a risk for those of us trying to help, and a risk for the person to share.

“An essential element of any art is risk. If you don’t take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn’t been seen before? I always like to say that cinema without risk is like having no sex and expecting to have a baby. You have to take a risk.”   — Francis Ford Coppola3

Remember, letting it out does not have to be in imitation of the way anyone else will express it. Do what feels right to you. Do it your way. I believe by letting it out you are telling yourself that you are important, you are worth taking care of and it is a measure of self respect. By doing so for yourself you can then share with others.

“Insanity” by Kiri Ramdeo [click the image to see it larger]
Then there are those who need to be taught how to treat you, but that is another post entirely. Until then, lots of hugs and happy exploring~


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